Diligently collect small change until you can buy credit, this is the benefit of the Virgo application

One of the e-money applications, Virgo has many useful services that make things easier for today’s generation. An application that can collect balances from change from shopping, to become a medium for electricity payments. So what are the other interesting benefits? Check out the following information.

What is the Virgo Application?

The Virgo application is a digital product, e-money from PT Capital Net Indonesia which has developed and has several services.

One of its features as a container for collecting remaining shopping change has become an attraction for the wider community.

By using Virgo, you can also save it by just topping up the application. By topping up, you can also collect your money there. You can even make electricity payments on the Virgo application from the remaining shopping you have collected.

PT Capital Net Indonesia itself has collaborated with several retail companies such as Alfamidi, Dan+Dan, and Alfamart.

Virgo has also won Google’s award as Google Play Best of 2022 in the Best Daily Application category (Best of Everyday Essentials) in Jakarta. This proves that Virgo is a useful everyday financial product and helps the daily needs of Indonesian people.

Virgo Account Type

The Virgo application has 2 types of accounts, namely:

Unverified Account is a Virgo account that has not yet been verified by the user. The service offered is a maximum balance of IDR 2,000,000 with an additional limit of IDR 20,000,000.

To be able to enjoy all Virgo features, such as top ups, you must upgrade your Virgo account to a Verified Account.

Verified Account is a registered Virgo account. The service offered is a maximum balance of IDR 20,000,000 with an additional limit of IDR 40,000,000. You can enjoy all the features provided by Virgo, including the fund top up feature and balance top up feature to other banks.

Benefits of Wearing Virgo

Although its main attraction is that it is a place to store leftover change. Virgo also has other benefits that you shouldn’t miss, you know! The following are the benefits of the Virgo application that you can get after having an account:

  • A place to store change
  • You can pay for electricity in one hand
  • Can buy credit and internet packages
  • Got lots of promos from Alfagift
  • Top up balances to various other accounts
  • Make payments directly online at Alfagift
  • Can be used for payments in shops with the QRIS payment system

If you want to top up the Virgo application, there are several ways you can do it. Here are some ways:

Top Up from Remaining Change

After knowing the benefits of the Virgo application. Here’s how to top up the remaining change to an active Virgo account:

  1. Make cash transactions at one of the Alfamart, Alfamidi or Dan+Dan merchants
  2. If you have change, ask the cashier to save it to the Virgo application
  3. State the amount of change you want to put into your Virgo account
  4. Then the cashier will ask for the cellphone number registered in the Virgo application
  5. When the transaction is complete, check the application balance again to see whether it has been entered or not. If not, refresh the application or ask the cashier
  6. Don’t forget to save your purchase receipt as valid proof of payment

Top Up from m-Banking

  1. Login to your m-banking account
  2. Select transfer
  3. Select another bank transfer
  4. Click CIMB Niaga bank or enter bank code 002
  5. Enter the virtual account number 2299 + active cellphone number
  6. Enter the top up nominal
  7. Follow the next instructions

The thing you need to pay attention to is the top up fee: IDR 6,500, while the minimum top up is IDR 10,000.

Regular Top Up via cashier

You can ask the Alfamart, Alfamidi, or Dan+Dan cashier to do regular Virgo top ups!

This regular top up is different from the return top up! If you top up your change using cash from a cash purchase, with a regular top up you don’t need to shop first. Just inform the cashier if you want to top up your Virgo balance!

That is an explanation of the Virgo application, starting from the types, benefits and how to top up that you can get with Virgo.

You can download the application Virgo from Google Play Store and App Store to get other services and facilities. To top up to another bank, make sure you have upgraded your account to a verified account first to get the best service from the Virgo application.






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