Differences between the Latest Version of Facebook Lite, Advantages and Disadvantages

Facebook is a social media platform that is quite popular and widely used by everyone. For the convenience of its users, Facebook always tries to improve quality by presenting updated features such as filters, live broadcasts and others.

Differences between the Latest Version of Facebook Lite, Advantages and Disadvantages

But unfortunately, the presence of several additional features makes this application even more difficult to use. Apart from that, the new version of FB also wastes more quota because it takes up a lot of data.

To overcome this, a much lighter FB application has now emerged, namely Facebook Lite. Even though it comes in a more compact version, its features and uses are almost the same as the original version.

#1 What is the Latest Facebook Lite?

Facebook Lite

As the name suggests, Facebook Lite is a derivative application from Facebook which is lighter in size. Facebook Lite was officially launched in 2015.

The main purpose of creating Facebook Lite was as a solution for users with unstable network quality. Apart from that, this application is also friendly for smartphone users with low specifications.

Even though it has a smaller size, Facebook Lite can be used optimally like Facebook in general. This application can also be run on all existing network access. This is very useful for several countries that still have inadequate network quality.

#2. Difference between Facebook and the Latest Facebook Lite

Difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite

Each application definitely has its own advantages and disadvantages. Likewise with the latest Facebook Lite application. Even though it has a similar appearance to the old Facebook, there are still several differences in the Facebook Lite application, including:

1. Size

As mentioned previously, the most visible difference between Facebook and the latest Facebook Lite is in terms of size. The latest Facebook Lite is about 1.5 MB in size, compared to Facebook’s nearly 54MB

2. Storage Space

Still related to size, the latest Facebook Lite which has a smaller size does not take up much storage space on the cellphone. This could be a solution for users who have limited cellphone storage space.

3. Simple appearance

Another difference in the latest Facebook Lite is in terms of appearance. Facebook Lite has a very simple appearance, so it is easy to use. This application prioritizes main function rather than design.

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4. Save Quota

As previously discussed, Facebook Lite was created specifically for cellphones with minimal specifications and low internet connectivity. So internet quota usage is more economical compared to the Facebook application in general.

Apart from that, the newest Facebook Lite users can still use or operate Facebook Lite even though only 3G, 2G and even Edge networks are available. It could be said that the Facebook Lite application is very practical to use anywhere.

#3 Disadvantages of the Latest Facebook Lite

Disadvantages of Facebook Lite

Apart from knowing the advantages or differences between the old Facebook and the latest Facebook Lite. There are also several shortcomings in the latest Facebook Lite, including:

1. Feature Limitations

At first glance, the latest Facebook Lite has the same appearance as the old Facebook. However, Facebook Lite has limited features compared to the old Facebook. This is due to its smaller size, so you have to trim some of the existing features.

Some features that are not in the latest Facebook Lite are games, live broadcasts, and others. When you want to use this feature, Facebook Lite will redirect the user directly to the browser application available on the cellphone.

2. Load is not automatic

The latest Facebook Lite has faster loading access, but this application cannot load automatically. Users have to scroll the Facebook page to load it again when selecting another menu. This actually takes more time for the user who has to repeat the load again from the beginning.

3. Lower Video & Photo Quality

The next disadvantage of Facebook Lite is that the photo & video quality is relatively lower compared to Facebook. This is because the images or videos on Facebook Lite will be compressed automatically so that their size becomes small. Usually this will result in broken image resolution or less clear video sound.

#4 How to Install the Latest Facebook Lite

Install Facebook Lite

Currently, Facebook Lite can be installed directly via the Google Play Store for free. Users can also update according to the latest version on the Play Store. Of course, all applications on the Play Store have been proven safe and reliable.






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