Complete Meaning of the Word “Dump” in the Add Yours Instagram Sticker

Instagram is a social media where there is a variety of interesting information every day.

Social media can also be a means to broaden your insight because every day there will always be information about religion, technology, science, politics, and so on.

However, on Instagram, various new terms have also appeared which sometimes make some IG users confused.

One of the new and currently viral terms is November Dump or Dump. Maybe you have accidentally seen someone make a post about this term.

You can also enter songs or filters to make your November Dump post even more beautiful.

You can also add some questions about time, location, stickers, etc. This relates to your memories during November.

So what does the term Dump mean? See the explanation we will provide below.

Complete meaning of the word “dump” on Instagram

Actually, the term Dump is not much different from the trend “Drop Your Pic Instagram” which some time ago also went viral.

Meaning of Dump in Add Yours Instagram Stickers

However, for the word “Dump“This is a trend every month. This word began to be used in “October Dump” then go to “November Dump” and will probably continue into the following months.

Dump itself is a trend related to uploading videos and photos that you have during that month.

For example, the November Dump means you are required to upload photos or videos that are memorable or meaningful during the month of November.

The meaning of the words Dump Original vs Dump on Instagram

Then what about the word Dump? This word comes from English and means “rubbish bin” or “dirty place“.

Meanwhile, the term Photo Dump means a collage post on Instagram. This post contains a variety of images related to someone’s camera roll.

That’s our explanation of the meaning of the word “Dump“which is often used at the beginning of the month using stickers”Add Yours” on Instagram. Dump is a trend where you have to randomly upload your photos or videos that you post in that month.

Many have followed this trend. You can also add songs or filters to make the Dump trend cooler every month.






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