Complete list of MPL ID Season 12 teams and their roster

Complete list of MPL ID Season 12 teams and their roster. (Image: AdityaTekno Doc)

News – The complete list of MPL ID Season 12 participating teams and their rosters will be discussed in this article. The Mobile Legends Professional League Indonesia (MPL ID) Season 12 (S12) competition will start soon.

The highest caste esports tournament Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) in Indonesia is finally back after last season ended in April 2023.

So many changes have graced MPL ID Season 12, starting from the presence of new teams, increased prizes, new tournament formats, to the announcement of new venues.

With the growing development of the esports industry in Indonesia, competition between Indonesian MLBB teams is increasingly heating up and attracting public attention.

Fans of this game are not only fixated on exciting matches, but are also interested in news about player transfers and the presence of new teams in MPL ID.

Following the move towards a franchise system since MPL ID S4, this time MPL Indonesia added 1 more slot, so that there are a total of 9 participating teams in MPL ID S12.

One of the teams joining as new participants is DEWA United Esports. The participation of this team not only increased the number of participants, but also intensified competition between all participating teams.

The players and other teams will be increasingly motivated to win the MPL ID S12 title and tickets to the M5 World Championship.

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Of course, MLBB fans in Indonesia can’t wait to find out exactly when MPL ID S12 will roll out. Apart from that, they also want to know what things they need to know before entering this season.

The good news is that MPL ID S12 is scheduled to start on July 13 2023 and end on September 24 2023 for the Regular Season round, quoted from the MPL ID Instagram account.

Complete list of MPL ID S12 participating teams and their roster

The following is a complete list of MPL ID Season 12 participating teams and their rosters, as compiled by News from various sources.

1. ONIC Esports

ONIC Esports MPL ID S12 roster. (Image: YT ONIC Esports)
  • Albert “Alberttt” Nielsen Iskandar – Jungler
  • Kairi “Kairi” Rayosdelsol – Jungler
  • Gilang “SANZ” – Mid Lane
  • M Satrya “Butsss” Sanubari – EXP Lane
  • Adrian “Drian” – Mid Lane
  • Calvin “CW” Winata – Gold Lane
  • Nicky “Kiboy” Pontonuwu – Roamer
  • Adi “Adi” Sofiyan Asyauri – Coach
  • Denver “Yeb” Miranda – Coach
  • Ahmad “Mars” Marsam – Assistant Coach

2. Alter Ego

Alter Ego MPL ID S12 Roster. (Image: YT Alter Ego Esports)
  • Gustian “REKT” Hidayat – Roamer
  • Julian “Udil” Ardiansyah – Mid Lane
  • Michael “Variety” Chandra – Jungler
  • Rafly “PAI” Alvareza – EXP Lane
  • Syauqi “Nino” Sumarno – Gold Lane
  • Rasya Arga “Rasy” Wisita – Roamer
  • Eldin Rahadian “Celiboy” Putra – Jungler
  • Azam “Nafari” Nafari – Coach
  • Ilyas “Caesius” Rahmanda – Assistant Coach
  • Arasy “Arss” Zamanullail – Analyst

3. EVOS Legends

EVOS Legends MPL ID S12 roster. (Image: YT EVOS TV)
  • Arthur “Sutsujin” Sunarkho – Jungler
  • Muhammad Nur Efandy “Cr1te” Yusuf – Mid Lane
  • Vincentsius Ivan “Ivann” Adrianto – Roamer
  • Regi “Fluffy” Marviola – EXP Lane
  • Darrel Jovanco “Tazz DD” Wijaya – Jungler
  • Rachmad “DreamS” Wahyudi – Roamer
  • Dalvin “Hijumee” Ramadhana Putra – Mid Lane
  • Jabran Bagus “Branz” Wiloko – Gold Lane
  • Gerald “Dlarskie” Trinchera – EXP Lane
  • Steven “Age” Gunawan – Coach
  • Stenley “TaxStump” Hermawan – Analyst
  • Tesista “Caleb” Kayleb – Assistant Coach

4. RRQ

RRQ MPL ID S12 roster. (Image: YT Team RRQ)
  • Min “Naomi” Ko Ko – Roamer
  • Isaiah “XINNN” Wowiling – Gold Lane
  • Ferdyansyah “Ferxiic” Kamaruddin – Jungler
  • Deden Muhammad “CLAYYY” Nurhasan – Mid Lane
  • Andre “Banana” Raymond – EXP Lane
  • Deven “Cipuy” Markos – Mid Lane
  • Schevenko “Skylar” Tendean – Gold Lane
  • Muhammad “Lemon” Ikhsan – EXP Lane
  • Rendy “Dyrennn” Syahputra – EXP Lane
  • Zaya “Zaya” Win-Paing – Coach
  • Fadil “Rave” Abdurahman – Analyst

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5. AURA Fire

AURA Fire MPL ID S12 roster. (Image: YT AURATV)
  • Jehuda Jordan “High” Sumual – Roamer
  • Leonardo “Kabuki” Prasetyo – Gold Lane
  • Usep “Facehugger” Satiawan – Mid Lane
  • Silvan “Van” Vanness – Jungler
  • Juli “Kimura” Kimura – EXP Lane
  • Ezekiel “Syn” Wiseman – Mid Lane
  • Reza “Pahlevi” Pahlevi – Coach
  • Doly “Saint De Lucaz” Van Pelo – Analyst

6. GEEK Slate

  • Mark “Markyyyyy” Capacio – Gold Lane
  • Allen “Baloyskie” Baloy – Roamer
  • M Dwi “Caderaa” Chandra – Gold Lane
  • Luke “Luke” Febrian – EXP Lane
  • Valent “Aboyy” Agriansyah – Mid Lane
  • Imanuel “Nnael” Simbolon – Jungler
  • Reno “Renz” Reynaldi – Coach

*The rest of the GEEK Slate roster will be updated later.

7. Rebellion Esports

Roster Rebellion Zion MPL ID S12. (Image: YT Rebellion Esports)
  • Dhannya Posa “HaizzAm0r” Hoputra – Goldlaner
  • Vincent Frandica “Vincentt” Suwandhi – Jungler
  • Karsten “Karss” William – EXP Laner
  • David “SwayLow” Sihaloho – Midlaner
  • Rico “Renbuu” Erlangga – Midlaner
  • Zulfikar “AudyTzy” – Roamer
  • Rizky “Cikoo” Andika – Coach
  • Muhammad “Vivy” Vikrie – Analyst

8. Bigetron Alpha

Bigetron Alpha MPL ID S12 roster. (Image: YT Bigetron TV)
  • Calvin “Super Vyn” – Roamer
  • Kenneth “Super Kenn” Marcello – Jungler
  • Hengky “Kyy” Gunawan – Roamer/Midlaner
  • Dicky “Saken” Cahyana – Goldlaner
  • Marcel “Moreno” Sinulingga – Midlaner
  • I Gusti Made “Xorizo” Dwipayana – EXP Laner
  • Ronaldo Aditya “Aldo” Lieberth – Coach
  • Muhammad “Razeboy” Farizuddin – Coach

9. DEWA United Esports

Dewa United Esports MPL ID S12 Roster. (Image: YT Dewa United E-Sports)
  • Delvin “Lanaya” Gunawan – Jungler
  • Supryanto “Dyxon” Salim – EXP Lane
  • Indra “Keyz” Setiawan – Mid Lane
  • Ricky “Shacco” Erlangga – Roamer
  • Supriadi “Watt” Dwi Putra – Gold Laner
  • Reynaldo “Reyy” Ferdiand – Jungler
  • Sebastian “Pendragon” Arthur – EXP Lane
  • Julian “LeoMurphy” Murphy – Roamer
  • Hafizun “JackLee” Ahmad – Coach
  • Riyan “Paddington” Febriyanto – Analyst

It’s important to note that some teams have yet to announce their lineups for MPL ID S12, and we can’t confirm if they haven’t made any changes at all. All information will be updated soon.

That is the complete list of MPL ID Season 12 participating teams and their roster. Hopefully this article is useful. Thank You.






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