Come on, buy rare sneakers for investment using digibank KTA

Sneakers now not only function as footwear but can also be used as a promising investment tool. Collecting rare sneakers using KTA loan could be the right step for those of you who don’t have enough savings.

Not just for style, you will also make a profit if you sell it at the right time. The price of rare sneakers usually gets more expensive from year to year because the quantity is limited and many people want them.

Tips for Choosing the Right Sneakers for Investment

Actually, collecting expensive sneakers is not just a hobby or just fun. You can make big profits if you know the trick. The reason is, there are many people who have succeeded in making big profits from collecting expensive sneakers.

However, to make this hobby an investment, you have to know several ways to choose sneakers that have the opportunity to make a profit first. So that you can choose sneakers that have a big chance of making a profit, you should pay attention to the following tips.

1. Choose sneakers that are sold on a limited basis

Tips for choosing sneakers for the first investment, namely looking for sneakers limited edition which is sold on a limited basis. Sneakers limited edition usually sold in limited quantities and only a few people own them.

Because they are not mass produced, there will be many people who want these sneakers. The price will soar as time goes by so just wait for the right time to sell it again.

2. Choose sneakers resulting from collaboration with well-known figures or companies

To get bigger profits, you can choose collaboration sneakers. Sneakers resulting from collaborations with well-known figures or companies are usually produced in limited quantities.

So the selling value will be higher as the years go by because the product is increasingly difficult to find on the market

Some examples of successful collaborative sneakers on the market include the collaboration between Off White and Converse, the Off White collaboration with Nike, the Nike collaboration with Travis Scott, and many other collaborations.

Although this trick does not promise certainty, in reality it can produce value value which is quite high.

Collaborative sneaker products are generally very popular with the public because they are limited. So it is not marketable and only certain people succeed in owning it.

3. Choose sneakers that have historical value

Tips for choosing sneakers for your next investment is to choose a type of sneaker that has its own historical value. One example of sneakers that have historical value is the Air Jordan 1 which Michael Jordan wore in 1985.

Until now, the sales value of these sneakers is predicted to continue to be stable and will even continue to rise because many people are eyeing them.

4. Choose trendy sneakers

To gain profit from the hobby of collecting expensive sneakers, use KTA loanyou have to be more updates with trending sneaker brands and hype among the community. Sneaker products that are talked about a lot usually have great potential to be used as investment items.

Some expensive sneaker products that are currently trending among the public include Air Jordan and Yeezy. These two choices of sneakers are very suitable for investment because they have quite big names.

5. Choose used limited edition sneakers that are still in good condition

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Mostly sneakers limited edition no longer sold in outlets brands those shoes. To get it, you have to buy used products, which sometimes are no longer in good condition.

So that you can resell it at a high value, you should choose sneakers limited edition used which is in no defective condition. Apart from that, you also have to care for it properly so that it doesn’t get damaged easily by cleaning it regularly.

Don’t use it in rainy weather and if necessary take it to a shoe salon to keep it looking good and like new.

Recommendations for Sneakers that are Suitable for Investment

If you don’t have one yet budget enough that you can start collecting rare sneakers by using KTA loan. Using a loan can be the right solution to start this hobby as well as investment.

Here are some recommendations for rare sneakers that are suitable as investment items:

  • The Nike x Tom Sachs Mars Yard Shoe 1.0 sells for around IDR 74 million
  • The Nike Air Force 1 Low Scarr’s Pizza is sold for around IDR 70 million
  • The Nike Air Jordan 2 x Eminem is sold for around IDR 70 million
  • The Travis Scott x Nike Air Jordan 1 sells for around IDR 71 million

Buy the Rare Sneakers of Your Dreams Using a KTA Loan

Now having rare sneakers is not just a dream because there is collateral-free credit that can help you make it happen. DBS Indonesia is committed to presenting digibank as the best digital banking. One of the digibank by DBS products is digibank KTA.

You can apply low interest online loans anywhere and anytime via the digibank by DBS application or via the website for 24 hours. Don’t worry about the long approval process because it only takes 60 seconds.

If approved, your loan will be immediately transferred to your digibank account up to IDR 80 million. Not only that, you can set the loan amount yourself. There is also the option of installments of up to 36 months and no physical documents required.

The requirements for applying for KTA are also quite easy, including having to live in the Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya or Semarang areas. Already have an e-KTP, NPWP and have a salary of at least IDR 5 million.

If you are interested in applying low interest online loans at digibank KTA you can see the details of the application steps here:

What are you waiting for, immediately apply for a loan with a fast, easy and hassle-free process at digibank KTA. Let’s start collecting rare sneakers as a hobby and investment by using them KTA loan from digibank by DBS.






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