Clubhouse presents new features to attract more users

The new Chats feature on Clubhouse allows users to send voice messages to friends or other users they know.

Long unheard of, Clubhouse is now changing the way it works to bring more people back to the app. The social media platform which is popular during this pandemic launched a new audio chat feature called Chats.

Reporting from Gizmochina (7/9), the Chats feature focuses on small groups based on friends. Users can send voice messages to friends or other users they know. It’s like Snapchat but in voice form.

On the other hand, Clubhouse ended its text messaging feature. Now, if users want to send a personal note, they can just record a voice message, or what the app calls “voice chat.”

Please note, this change occurred after Clubhouse lost a lot of users. Millions of people joined the app during the pandemic, but the numbers decreased as life started to return to normal.

Earlier this year, the company even had to lay off half of its staff, the same thing happened to many other companies.

Clubhouse said the changes were made because people wanted a more personal way to connect online. But, will people come back to Clubhouse for this new experience?






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