Chinese Company Starts Developing 32 GB Jumbo RAM HP

News – Smartphones or cellphones with large RAM are a selling point for companies in marketing their products. It is not surprising that information is circulating that a Chinese company is developing a cellphone with jumbo RAM, namely 32 GB.

Quoted News from Gizmochina on Friday (08/09/2023), RAM is an important component of PCs and smartphones but there is only so much you need. For most daily use and basic tasks, 8 GB RAM is more than enough.

Even for gaming or video editing, 16 GB is generally enough. But recently smartphone manufacturers have started pushing 24 GB RAM in their flagships, and it doesn’t look like they’re going to stop there.

The Digital Chat Station account said in a post on Weibo that the company has been testing smartphone devices with 32 GB of RAM. The anonymous account did not reveal which brand is dedicated to pushing the limits of RAM.


As a result, only a few speculations emerged that the brand in question was Realme, OnePlus, or maybe Nubia. As information, Nubia has launched a cellphone with 24GB of RAM, to be precise, the Red Magic 8S Pro. Meanwhile, the OnePlus Ace 2 Pro and Realme GT 5 also offer a large RAM capacity.

It must be admitted that a large RAM capacity can be installed on a folding screen cellphone because this product is present and designed to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Gaming smartphones can also be paired with technology so that HP performance can be maximized, and store lots of favorite games.

On the other hand the news about 32GB RAM on the phone raises questions about its use case. For now, there’s no real need for this much RAM in a phone, as most tasks can be done with less.


Even 32GB RAM is considered excessive even on a PC that is usually more powerful than a phone. Professionals such as video editors and those who do high-end VFX may benefit from 32 GB of RAM on a PC but it’s hard to think of a use case on a smartphone.






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