China Bans iPhone Use by Government Officials

News – A recent report by the Wall Street Journal claims that Chinese government officials are now prohibited from using foreign brand iPhones and devices in the workplace due to potential security risks. The ban is essentially part of a larger plan for the Chinese government to reduce its dependence on foreign technology and keep sensitive data from leaking.

Quoted from GSMArena, based on the report, Chinese government officials were instructed not to use their iPhones for work-related tasks and were also prohibited from bringing them to the workplace.

A follow-up report from Bloomberg News suggests that the ban will likely expand to government-backed institutions and state-owned companies as China seeks to become technologically independent.

China is one of Apple’s largest markets and is home to several large-scale manufacturing centers. These new measures can be seen as countering the US ban on Huawei and ZTE and more recently on Tik-Tok.

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