Cheap way to top up Metal Slug Awakening, lots of bonuses!

Metal Slug Awakening is more fun to play if we have good weapon statistics. So, this game is considered P2W because it benefits paying players.

To get the best weapons and items, of course you need to top up Metal Slug Awakening. Whether it’s buying Red Gems or just a Support Pass.

However, quite a few are confused when they want to top up. Usually, they hesitate between two options. The reason is, the Support Pass is more profitable for new players.

So, if you are among those who are confused, this article will thoroughly review how to top up Metal Slug Awakening cheaply, which can be paid using credit and e-wallet.

Metal Slug Top Up Type: Awakening

Like Undawn and other mobile games, Metal Slug: Awakening offers several types of top ups and currency.

The main currencies in the game are Red Gems and Blue Gems. Each of them can be used to buy items and other necessities.

Meanwhile, there are also various types of top ups, such as:

1. Red Gem (Ruby)

This top up is very suitable for sultans or those of you who feel the game Metal Slug: Awakening is worth taking seriously. This means it’s not just FOMO or just joining in.

The choices and prices for Ruby in Metal Slug Awakening are as follows.

Amount Blue Gem Bonus Price
x60 x60 Rp. 16,000
x310 x310 Rp. 79,000
x630 x630 Rp. 159,000
x1300 x1300 Rp. 329,000
x3200 x3200 Rp. 799,000
x6500 x6500 Rp. 1,599,000

2. Monthly Card

Metal Slug Monthly Card: Awakening

Next, there is a Monthly Card where this top up has many items, including Red and Blue Gems. This item can be claimed regularly for 1 month.

The Monthly Card also comes with two options, namely Monthly Value and Monthly Premium. The monthly price is around Rp. 79,000 (before tax).

3. Support Pass

Metal Slug Monthly Card: Awakening

The next type of top up is a Support Pass. This is also very profitable because we can get lots of additional, more attractive prizes.

Oh yes, if this is your first top up, Metal Slug: Awakening also offers a “First Topup”. Please choose which one suits your pocket.

How to Top Up Metal Slug Awakening

After knowing the types of top ups, the admin will explain the steps. The discussion here is more about buying Ruby, because it is more common than Support Passes and Monthly Cards.

Follow the cheap method to top up Metal Slug Awakening below:

  • First go to the Shop Center menu
  • Then open the “Mysterious Shop” option > Top Up
  • Then several First Reds and their prices will appear
  • Choose one according to your wishes, whether x60 or x6,500
  • If so, you will then enter the Google Play payment menu
  • Determine the payment method, you can use credit, DANA, or Shopeepay
  • Next, click “Buy with one tap”

  • Finally, wait for the process to complete

Usually, it doesn’t take long for Permata Merah to enter your account. Oh yes, so that transactions don’t fail, make sure your e-wallet or credit balance is sufficient.

Most cases of failure to top up Metal Slug Awakening are due to the user’s balance or credit being too low. It’s best to add IDR 10,000 for tax.

The final word

Metal Slug: Awakening has just been released, but this game already has many players. In fact, YouTubers are willing to top up tens to get premium skins.






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