Changed Because of Dan Heng IL, Here’s the Latest Tier List for HSR 1.3!

Changed Because of Dan Heng IL, Here is the Latest Tier List for HSR 1.3!

Recently updated, it turns out that there has been a change because the MoC or Memory of Chaos has been reset in version 1.3

Dan Heng’s performance is too above the other damage dealers. This makes this character reduce several other Damage Dealers that are at the same time as their tier.

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Latest Tier List HSR 1.3 MoC Update

Single Target


Previously, Seele was with Dan Heng, now her position is under Dan Heng IL and together with Blade and Kafka.

This makes sense because in terms of single target damage, Dan Heng IL actually exceeds Seele in performance.



It’s not much different where Dan Heng IL is at the top without Blade, because according to the tier list the damage given by Dan Heng IL is already above that of Blade.



Containing quite a lot of monsters (maximum 5) it will usually be easier for large AoE characters to finish off the many monsters but you could say they are quite easy to kill.

For this tier list, Blade, Dan Heng IL and Kafka occupy tier S+, tier S is still occupied by three characters, namely Clara, Jing Yuan and Seele.

For Offensive Support there is a change where Silver Wolf drops because it is more towards a single target for its attacks together with Pela, Asta, and Tingyun.

That’s the latest tier list for HSR 1.3 where there are big changes with the arrival of Dan Heng IL. We are quite curious, will Fu Xuan’s presence change the tier list for Defensive Support on a massive scale like Dan Heng IL?

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