Captain Tsubasa – Rise of New Champions: Captain Here We Come!

Anime fans, especially in Indonesia, will definitely be happy with the arrival of Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champion which has just been released. This anime gained popularity in Indonesia in mid-2002 – 2003. Different from other sports-themed anime, this anime made by Yoichi Takahashi is known for its rather “extraordinary” story. However, the excessiveness of this series actually made this series famous.

The names of the characters from the anime Captain Tsubasa are also very well known among fans of Japanese animated films in Indonesia. Starting from Tsubasa, Misaki, Wakabayashi, Ishizaki, to Hyuga Kojiro, he is very familiar to the ears of the Indonesian people. The game also complements the Captain Tsubasa franchise.

The popularity of the anime also meant that the game also received quite good interest when the PS1 was still successful, even though the gameplay also seemed mediocre. The World Cup phenomenon also made Tsubasa Ozora’s adventures with his friends also take part in the celebration. The Captain Tsubasa Road to 2002 game is also quite popular on the market even though it has different gameplay from the previous game.

Bandai Namco, as the developer, finally released the Captain Tsubasa game in 2020, with gameplay in the style of soccer games such as Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA. Of course, the mainstay moves of each character are still presented in this game. On this occasion we will review the game from this famous soccer anime.

The story plot is according to the original anime with a few additions

His name is also Captain Tsubasa, of course the story in this game relies on the main character, namely Tsubasa Ozora. The story also follows from the anime series. Here Tsubasa will start his struggle in his junior high school years. Here Tsubasa Ozora will meet his national team friends who will fight against world-class opponents. But before joining, Tsubasa must face their greatness.

Starting from Makoto Soda, Hiroshi Jito, Hikaru Matsuyama, Hyuga Kojiro, and many more. Then, the game Captain Tsubasa: Rise of New Champions consists of two episodes. In this first episode, Tsubasa Ozora brought his club, Nankatsu, to become V3 champions. Meanwhile, in the second episode, Tsubasa and his previous rivals whom he met at the junior high school football championship will unite in the Japanese national team. Here Tsubasa will meet world-class opponents who have extraordinary abilities.

Captain Tsubasa – Rise of New Champions: Of course, there must be a mainstay move

The Rise of New Champions series comes with gameplay like football games in general. However, here you will rarely encounter such things as violations. Just try when your opponent tackles and bounces, you can continue dribbling the ball in a relaxed manner. Each player in this game has some kind of energy meter which functions as energy to perform moves. The fuller the meter is, the more you can perform each character’s signature moves.

However, for us there is something annoying about this game, namely cutscenes that like to appear suddenly in the middle of a match. Maybe this is what makes you get carried away into the story of Tsubasa and friends. As an anime game in general, many scenes full of dialogue are filled with quite good dubbing. You can speed up the snippet if you feel like it’s rambling.

As an anime game, the scene of making the main move is certainly an attraction. You will see a pretty cool animation when you perform the move. For example, when you use Hyuga’s tiger kick, you will see a tiger accompanying the kick. Likewise with Tsubasa with his eagle kick. The Tachibana twin pair will also perform an unreasonable signature move called Skylight Hurricane.

In this game there are several modes that you can play, including The Journey which is Story Mode, Versus, Online Versus, Practice, Ultimate Edit, and also Collection. Apart from that, there is also an Episode of New Hero mode which allows you to play the character you created.


For anime fans, this game will certainly fill the void of the Tsubasa game which hasn’t been released for a long time. However, as a soccer game, don’t expect to get gameplay like PES or FIFA, because Tsubasa is definitely famous for its “overreach”. This game is actually a bit annoying because the AI ​​is a bit slow. Especially when the back or defender position does not have the effort to tackle the opponent. However, this game is still worth buying even though the price is still expensive.






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