Captain Tsubasa: Ace Reveals Thrilling PVP Gameplay and Single-Player Mode!

Published by DeNA, ‘Captain Tsubasa: Ace’ is Multiplayer real-time online football mobile game which was developed under the official license of the classic anime “Captain Tsubasa”. This game continues the story of “Captain Tsubasa”, following the journey of talented young footballer, Tsubasa Ozora, as he grows up with his teammates and competes against tough opponents such as Kojiro Hyuga and Genzo Wakabayashi in the world of football.

Captain Tsubasa: Ace will continue the background and characters of the original anime, featuring an incredible cast with their unique skills, bringing back the nostalgia and excitement of the past. Today, the official release revealed the game’s diverse PVP competitive modes and classic PVE Single-Player Mode, offering fans a glimpse into the varied gameplay and endless possibilities on the gridiron!

Presenting 2D Animation and Intense Mode

Captain Tsubasa Ace Team

“Captain Tsubasa: Ace” has high-quality graphics and intuitive UI design, making it easy for players to immerse themselves in realistic soccer matches and intense matches. In addition to regular moves such as short and long passes, the game introduces spectacular skills that are sure to create special moments like in the anime, allowing fans to create a variety of the best unforgettable moments with their favorite players!

The anime “Captain Tsubasa” is a classic story about dreams and friendship, vividly depicting protagonist Tsubasa Ozora forming a strong bond with his teammates over a series of matches and making his name in the world of football. In the mobile game “Captain Tsubasa: Ace”, players can invite friends to join in PVP matches, testing their control and cooperation skills. Through collaborative gameplay, players can strengthen their bonds and work together to become champions!

“Captain Tsubasa: Ace” has various PVE modes in Football Field Trial, where players can challenge themselves by line up right. Players can choose to automate the match or control players to dribble directly. Switching between players and using skills such as passing, shooting, and dribbling requires precise timing and strategic considerations. Mastering the right combination of skills and smooth control is the key to making a significant impact on the field.

Design the Right Team Tactics

Captain Tsubasa Ace Chat

Building a star team with your favorite players is just the beginning. Devising the right team tactics is a true test of intelligence and strategy. Players must be careful in selecting the best line up for different situations, paying attention to the details of each position and making tactical decisions that influence the outcome. By perfecting all these details, the perfect dream team can be achieved.

This game covers the classic anime storyline “Captain Tsubasa”, featuring epic battles against rivals such as Jun Misugi, Hikaru Matsuyama, the Tachibana brothers, and Kojiro Hyuga. Fans can relive the emotional journey of growing up with main character Tsubasa Ozora through character dialogue that will relive the main storyline, allowing them to once again experience the spellbinding nostalgia.

Captain Tsubasa Ace Skills

Many popular characters such as Tsubasa Ozora, Kojiro Hyuga, and Genzo Wakabayashi will appear in this game, and players can recruit their favorite characters. Through a wide variety of training sessions, collecting materials, and improving character statistics, players can create a top-class soccer player. Understanding each character’s strengths and role is the key to controlling masterfully and achieving glory on the field!

By combining soccer competition with story elements, “Captain Tsubasa: Ace” will allow Captain Tsubasa fans, soccer fans, and PVP fans to experience a passionate match on the gridiron! The official Discord server is now available, and various exciting events are planned for the future, so players are invited to join immediately to stay updated with the latest information and news!






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