Build Fischl Genshin Impact: Best Weapons and Artifacts

When playing Fischl Genshin Impact, you have to use the right build. Below are the complete recommendations for the best Fischl builds.

Fischl is one of the most beautiful female characters in Genshin Impact. He is an Elecro element user who has a weapon bow.

Like other Genshin Impact characters, Fischl also has his own skills and weapons. Find Fischl’s build recommendations, from weapons to artifacts in this article.

Biodata Fischl Genshin Impact

Release Date September 28, 2020
Rarity 4-star (B4)
Element Electro
Weapon Bow

Fischl Skills

Fischl is a character who has a unique personality. He was able to understand that the traveler was not from Teyvat.

This is what makes Fischl a quite different character from most other Genshin Impact characters. It’s not surprising that Fischl is quite popular.

If you want to use Fischl, you have to understand the skill first. The following is a complete explanation.

1. Normal Attack – Bolts of Downfall

Fischl’s Normal Attack Bolts of Downfall allows him to attack up to five times in succession and deals damage which is deadly. With this skill, additional arrows will appear in the form charged attack which can provide more accurate Electro Damage.

2. Elemental Skill – Nightrider

Apart from being flexible, Fischl’s elemental skill allows him to summon Oz for 10 seconds. This duration can be accelerated to 5 seconds by activating Elemental Brust Midnight Phantasmagoria.

3. Elemental Burst – Midnight Phantasmagoria

Fischl’s Elemental Burst will turn him into Oz in a matter of seconds, then gain additional Movement SPD and can deal Electro DMG to enemies. This elemental can regulate Oz’s duration, so that the magical bird can be active for 10 seconds.

4. Passive 1, 2, 3

Fischl has three passive talents, namely:

  1. Stellar Predator: This passive doesn’t play a very important role, but its presence is quite helpful. When Fischl fired charged attack, Lightning will be created that can strike the enemy.
  2. Undone Be The Sinful Hex: If an active character triggers an Electro element reaction while Oz is in the arena, there will be a sound of lightning that strikes the enemy with Electro Damage.
  3. Mein Hausgarten: With this skill, he will cut the time by up to 25% when carrying out an expedition in Mondstadt.

The best Fichl build

To maximize Fischl’s talents, players must use the right build. Below are recommended weapons and artifacts for Fischl:

Fischl’s best weapon

Here are some of the best types of weapons that are suitable for Fischl.

  1. Skyward Harp: This is a possible weapon critical damage up to 20%. When used, this weapon can increase the chance of a small AoE attack appearing by up to 60% and trigger it physical damage up to 125%.
  1. Amo’s Bow: Weapon that can increase water attacks normal attack aor aimed shot up to 12%. Every 0.1 second, attacks from arrows can increase by up to 8%.
  1. Favonius Warbow: This weapon can provide opportunities critical hit who created one elemental orbs energy restorer up to 60%.

Fischl Artifact

There are 2 types of artifacts that are suitable for Fischl, namely Tenacity of the Millelith or Gladiator’s Finale/Shimenawa Reminiscence, and Thundering Fury. Here’s the full explanation:

  • Tenacity of the Millelith (4 sets): this artifact can increase the attack of all team members by up to 20%.
  • Gladiator’s Finale (2 sets): Fischl will gain additional stats attacks by 18%.
  • Thundering Fury (2 sets): Fisch will get an Electro Damage Bonus of up to 15%.

Fischl Line Up

Line up The best thing you can use for Fischl’s characters are characters that have different elements and roles. As a DPS player, he is very suitable to be combined with the characters Xiangling, Xinqiu, and Bennett or Barbara as his support.

Elemental Reaction will focus on Electro, Pyro, and Hydro. This is because Fischl’s electro element is very compatible with any element in the other characters.

That’s the discussion about Fischl Genshin Impact, complete with skills, weapon & artifact build recommendations, as well line up.






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