Bringing JRPG Theme, Mobile Legend Presents New Anime Style Skin

MOONTON Games as the developer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) is again presenting a breakthrough for its players by presenting an anime-style skin with a typical Japanese RPG (JRPG) theme entitled “Beyond The Clouds”. The appearance of the skin on this theme applies bright, cool and Japanese-style colors that MLBB fans will like.

In welcoming the presence of this special skin, there are two events being held, one of which allows players to get the Kagura “Beyond The Clouds” skin for free after successfully completing the available quests.

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Beyond The Clouds Event

This event guarantees players exclusive in-game items such as Battle Effects, Killing Notifications, and Battle Emotes. Even if they are lucky, players can get Edith and Xavier’s special skin “Beyond The Clouds” in 10 draws.

MLBB players can buy limited items and the “Beyond The Clouds” edition skin at the Shop in the event draw display. Players who have already collected Skywhale Essence In the specified amount you can exchange it for limited items or special skins.

Moonton also presents something new at this event, where players own or activate it Weekly Diamond Pass will get a 60 percent discount for the 1x draw tab, where players will only get a 50 percent discount if they don’t activate it. There is also a 10 percent discount for 10x direct draws and players only need 450 diamonds to do so.

Players can get one of the skins from Edith or Xavier, or even both, through raffle coupons. Moonton provides players with the opportunity to obtain a total of 38 “Beyond The Clouds” lottery coupons which are divided into two periods. The first period is 19-22 August 2023, while the second period is 26-29 August 2023, each of which will provide 19 coupons.

Players can also get 3 additional coupons from the total draw that has been done. With the distribution, in tier 2 with a total of 20 draws, players will get 1 coupon, and in tier 4 with a total of 90 draws, players can get 2 more coupons.

Edith and Xavier’s special skin “Beyond The Clouds” and limited items can be obtained from 12 August to 4 September 2023!

Elven Scroll Event

Players with an active Weekly Diamond Pass will get an additional 220 diamond discount for purchasing the Kagura “Beyond The Clouds” skin and on August 27 2023, players will have the opportunity to get a maximum of 448 diamonds from the relic chest.

The good news is that players who have already purchased skins at the maximum price will get 1288 diamonds back in the final period of the event.

Apart from getting the Kagura “Beyond The Clouds” skin, players can also get a series of free limited items including Animated Avatar Border, Battle Emotes, graffiti, and others.

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Music Video Beyond The Clouds

Apart from in-game events, Moonton also presents a music video entitled “Reaching for the Sky”. In the video, fans can see the journey of Kagura, who is a member of the colossal warriors who must seal the evil power of Babylon, the leader of the colossal warriors who is affected by Thunderstone energy.

Apart from Kagura’s story, fans are also told the story of other main characters, namely Edith who is the leader of a forest tribe and Xavier the commander of Aerotopia, when they were teenagers until they finally awakened the evil forces of Babylon.

In the video, three heroes are told, namely Kagura, Edith, and Xavier, who will be divided into two camps, Kagura and Babylon and Edith and Xavier. However, the music video does not show the end of this arc, because the battle is still not over. So, fans will be curious and guess about the continuation of the story of the three heroes and which side will win in battle.

Continue following the story of “Beyond The Clouds” from Kagura, Edith, and Xavier and collect all the special skins to appear prestigious among your friends and opponents!

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