Benefits of Reading Bismillahirrahmanirrahim in Islam

News – Benefits of Reading Bismillahirrahmanirrahim is a greeting that is usually said when Muslims start doing something. Every Muslim certainly knows and memorizes this sentence. However, many people still don’t know the benefits of reading this sentence.

In the Koran, the phrase bismillah is mentioned 114 times as the beginning of the surahs in it. Except Surah At-Taubah which does not have the prefix bismillah. Not only that, the phrase bismillah is also often practiced as a reminder of Allah SWT.

There are certainly many special features of this sentence. For every action you take, it is recommended to read bismillah. Having the meaning “in the name of Allah” makes it clearer that the phrase bismillah is very important for every activity carried out.

Benefits of the Sentence Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

The sentence bismillah or what is known as basmallah is a form of greeting to remember Allah. Thus, it is not wrong that this sentence is used for dhikr. Then basmalah also has a unique meaning so it is recommended that it be read often.

Work or activities that begin with bismillah will receive ease and blessings from Allah SWT. This is because thanks to this sentence, the activities carried out always start with the name of Allah and are made easy by Him.

In other words, reciting bismillah is a form of intention that everything that will be done is based on the name of Allah SWT. Bismillah itself also has the meaning that a servant asks Allah for smooth blessings for the work to be done.

Based on this understanding, reading Bismillah has many benefits for human life. Between Benefits of reading Bismillahirrahmanirrahim these are as follows.

1. Makes the Way to Heaven Easier

Benefits of reading bismillahirrahmanirrahim Firstly, it was explained by Atha’ bin Jabin bin Abdullah that when the words bismillah are sent down, the clouds will head towards the west with calm winds, the sea will be loud, animals will fall because of their pain, and demons will be thrown from the sky.

And Allah swears by His glory that His name is not mentioned by diseased lips and is not mentioned to anything other than Allah Himself who blesses it. Then whoever reads bismillahirrahmanirrahim, will receive a reward from heaven.

For this reason, for Muslims who say Bismillah a lot, the path to heaven will be easier. This is because Allah has promised heaven for him.

2. 400 Kindness Notes

Even though it is very easy to say, it turns out that the bismillah sentence is able to provide 400 notes of kindness for everyone who practices it. This was once said by Rasulullah SAW in a hadith.

The hadith explains that if a servant reads the Bismillah sentence completely, Allah SWT will order the angel Kiramul Katibin to write a notebook of 400 good deeds for that servant.

3. Erase Minor Sins

Another benefit of this simple sentence is that it can erase small sins. Humans often ignore these small sins, even though these sins can lead them to hell. However, anyone who is aware of this sin can erase it through bismillah.

This matter was explained by Rasulullah SAW in his hadith, that whoever reads the sentence bismillahirrahmanirrahim once, the small sins he has committed will be melted away so that there will be nothing left even if it is only the size of a particle or the size of dust.

4. Congratulations from Angel Zabaniyah

Angel Zabaniyah is one of the cruelest angels on guard in hell. Of course, for a sinner it will be difficult to avoid being surrounded by angels when they are in the afterlife. For this reason, in order to avoid it, you can practice reading Bismillah.

Abu Wail and Abdullah bin Mas’ud once said that whoever wants to get Allah’s help from the nineteen Zabaniyah Angels, they should read the sentence bismillah. Because this sentence consists of 19 letters, each letter of which Allah made heaven for them.

5. Avoid backbiting and slander

In living life as a human, of course you will not be separated from the words and comments of other humans. This is often called backbiting or backbiting. Fellow humans have certainly gossiped and been gossiped about.

In order to avoid this despicable thing, the effort that can be made is to practice basmalah reading. Rasulullah SAW once said that say bismillah and other humans will not be able to gossip about him, because they have been prevented by the angels.

That way, life will be calmer without having to think about people’s gossip that can disturb your peace of mind. Apart from that, the mind will be more focused on worshiping and carrying out other activities as appropriate.

6. Practice Bismillahirrahmanirrahim so that Satan is afraid to approach

A simple example of applying the phrase bismillah is when you are about to enjoy a meal. Many people believe that starting a meal with basmalah will protect them from demonic interference. This is certainly true because every activity that mentions the name of Allah is always under His protection.

Not only that, whatever you do and start with these good sentences will definitely receive blessings and be guided by Allah SWT. That way, the work and activities carried out can run smoothly without being disturbed by Satan.

Then Rasulullah SAW once said in his hadith that a servant who reads bismillah or chants the name of Allah will be protected from Satan as the devil melts like molten copper in a fire.

7. Past and future sins are forgiven

The power of reading bismillahirrahmanirrahim is not only to erase minor sins, but also to erase previous and future sins. Glory is definitely a dream for humans who want to repent and get closer to Allah SWT.

In a history, the Prophet Muhammad SAW once emphasized that whoever writes the sentence bismillah Allah and beautifies it to glorify Allah, his past and future sins will be forgiven by Allah SWT.

For this reason, if you want your sins to be forgiven and always be on the path of Allah, it is highly recommended to practice reading Bismillah in every condition you are facing.

8. Avoid the characteristics of Kufr and Nifak

The qualities of kufr and nifak are despicable qualities that are hated by Allah. People who have this characteristic indicate that they do not want to be grateful for what they have got. They disbelieve in the blessings that Allah has given them.

The impact of this trait is very bad and should be avoided as much as possible. In order to avoid this trait, one way that can be done is to read bismillah. Apart from that, reading Bismillah will protect the practitioner from the temptations of Satan and sins.

9. Protected from other bad qualities

Reading bismillah is a form of awareness that oneself belongs to Allah so that everything that is started must involve Allah SWT. In this way, God will protect our hearts and minds so that we can avoid bad and despicable attitudes.

The benefits of reading bismillahirrahmanirrahim that can be obtained from reading bismillahirrahmanirrahim can be achieved if you practice it sincerely and seriously. Allah SWT promises to always protect and guide His servants who always start work by mentioning His name.

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