Baldur’s Gate 3 Will Support Cross-Play Features Between PC and Console

It’s still unexpected that Baldur’s Gate 3 is one of the games that will generate so much hype in 2023. Through interactive gameplay and a very interesting storyline, gamers gave a very positive reception to the game. Moreover, Larian as a developer has brought Baldur’s Gate 3 to consoles and will support cross-play.

Larian Studios has announced that they plan to support Baldur’s Gate 3 cross-play on PC and consoles in the future. This feature will allow players on PC, PS5 and Xbox (if a Series X/S version has been released) to play together online.

It’s always in the planning even though it’s not there right away when it’s released,” Larian’s publishing director, Michael Douse, told Eurogamers. “This feature is already on the roadmap, and while we have an idea of ​​when we might want it ready, we don’t want to give a date until we’re sure.

Baldur’s Gate 3 now features cross-save compatibility between platforms, so PC and PS5 players can take their progress wherever they play. To use this feature, players are required to log in to a Larian account, but a PlayStation Plus subscription or additional purchase is not required.

Interested in playing it? Baldur’s Gate 3 can now be played on PC via Steam and PS5 at a price IDR 699 999. A new Xbox Series console version will follow later. Of course, the number could be reduced because some giant games are usually reviewed by hundreds of media at once.

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