ASUS Laptop Warranty Can Be Increased to 3 Years

ASUS officially rolls out ASUS Premium Care (APC) services in Indonesia. APC itself is an extra protection program available to all ASUS laptop users throughout Indonesia.

For your information, APC comes with a series of benefits for ASUS laptop users, ranging from extended international warranties, extended warranties due to user negligence, to priority service from the ASUS Service Center.

In his statement, Jimmy Lin, Regional Director of ASUS Southeast Asia said, through ASUS Premium Care, Indonesian people now have the option to enjoy better ASUS laptop warranty services with extra protection.

“APC is a form of ASUS’ commitment to not only provide quality products, but also provide the best service,” said Jimmy.

Extra Protection
ASUS Premium Care (APC) has a series of benefits for ASUS laptop users, one of which is the extension of the ASUS laptop warranty internationally to three years. As an illustration, all ASUS laptops are protected by a two-year international guarantee.

With APC, ASUS laptop users can now enjoy protection for their devices for three years and can be claimed in various countries.

Apart from the extended international guarantee, APC also provides protection against damage due to user negligence or accidental damage protection (ADP) for up to three years.

Through the ADP included in the APC program, customers can claim the ASUS laptop warranty even if the damage is caused by user negligence, so that repair costs are borne entirely by ASUS.

ASUS laptop users who participate in the APC program will also get additional benefits in the form of priority service from the service center. When a laptop experiences problems, users who are members of the APC program will be prioritized for service by the ASUS service center. In this way, ASUS laptop warranty repair times can be faster and can be used immediately.

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More information about ASUS Premium Care (APC) can be seen on the official ASUS website below:

Supported by 130 after-sales service centers spread across various cities throughout Indonesia, the ASUS Service Center is able to provide efficient and fast service to ASUS laptop users. The existence of service centers spread across various regions allows ASUS laptop users to get easy, fast and effective service access.

The widest range of services owned by the ASUS Service Center also strengthens ASUS’s position as the number one laptop brand chosen by the Indonesian people and won the Top Brand 2023 award. Winning the Indonesia Service Quality Award 2023 also proves that the ASUS Service Center is the most trusted after-sales service provider with a wide range of services. extensive and superior quality throughout Indonesia.

So, if you have a question, how long is the ASUS laptop warranty? The answer is a minimum of 2 years but can be increased if the user wants!






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