Are you confused about what to eat? Here are recommended shows that can make you full!

“What’s delicious to eat?” Have you ever subconsciously or reflexively asked this question? Indeed, questions like that often arise when you are confused about what menu is good to eat when your stomach is rumbling. This is experienced by almost everyone.

So, for those of you who are confused about what you want to eat, what you want to cook, or what GoFood you want to do today. Instead of wasting your time just thinking about a delicious menu that you can enjoy. It may be that no solution has been found, so try instead of the GoPlay application.

Because GoPlay will always be ready to accompany you and make your life much easier and you will definitely be full! So, you don’t need to be confused anymore, just watch the following recommendations for three (3) food-themed live shows:

1. Paxel: Explore Indonesian Snacks

In a series of live custom shows that will be broadcast on GoPlay. This event has the concept of a food review or talk show hosted by GoPlay content creators by reviewing various foods from each winner of the 2022 Paxel E-Culinary Award.

The event will be hosted by Arie Dagienkz, and accompanied by Jean and Paula Content Creator from Goplay Food. You can only watch it exclusively on Goplay!

By clicking on this site you can join the event.

2. Just Provisions: Khong Guan Style Anti-Fuss Birthday Cake

If you are confused about what to bring for your beloved children and husband. You have to watch Just Bekalin live! A special but simple and easy to make lunch will be cooked together with Mutia and Fani (Food Decorator). This event will add ideas for your lunch box. The episode that will be broadcast today is that Fani will teach you how to make a hassle-free Khong Guan-style birthday cake, of course you don’t need to use an oven.

To take part in this cool event, you can visit the site:

3. Just GoFood-in! – Trying Viral Food!

Do you know what food is going viral? Don’t you want to try it? Come on, try it, so you know what viral food tastes like. You will be accompanied by Cheris, as proof, is it just viral, or is it really able to satisfy Cheris’ taste buds?

You can watch Cheris’ experience in trying out various foods that are currently viral at GoFood-in Aja! This cool event will start at 18.30 WIB only on GoPlay Indonesia. Don’t forget, you can also take part in the exciting game from GoPlay, namely ‘Guess the Price’, this is really suitable for those of you who often explore food menus and are good at guessing food prices.

Don’t be late, you have to visit the site immediately

With various choices of events related to the food menu, you no longer need to waste time, just deciding what menu is delicious to eat at this time. Just leave it to GoPlay Food. You will feel the deliciousness of the menu will make you addicted.

For ordering matters, you can do it very easily, namely by pre-ordering at GoPlay Food. This event not only makes it easier for culinary enthusiasts to enjoy delicious food. You also get tips for making it.

You can get various other interesting information by visiting the official GoPlay website, namely






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