Apple is reportedly developing a low-cost MacBook to compete with Chromebooks

Tech News – Currently, if you want to have a laptop at an affordable price, the choice is a Chromebook from Google. Understandably, Chromebooks were actually created to support the needs of the world of education.

In terms of performance, of course Chromebooks cannot be compared to regular laptops that load the Windows operating system, especially with Apple’s MacBook.

Even so, the latest Chromebooks can also be relied on to help complete tasks that are not too heavy. There are even Chromebooks now that can be used to run online games.

photo: unsplash/maxim hopman

Now amidst the popularity of Chromebooks as affordable laptops, a recent report has attracted quite a lot of public attention. According to a new Digitimes report reported by iMore, Apple is reportedly developing a ‘cheap’ MacBook series to compete with Chromebook models in the education sector. This device will reportedly be released in the second half of 2024 at the earliest.

Reportedly the MacBook is cheaper than the MacBook Air series. For your information, Apple’s cheapest MacBook offer currently is the 2020 MacBook Air M1.

According to the report, Apple is likely to launch a new product line for its low-cost MacBook to differentiate it from the existing MacBook Air and Pro lines. Cost savings are made by using cheaper materials for the laptop’s metal outer shell, and mechanical components. All combined with lower prices aimed at the education market.

Apple reportedly took about nine months to realize an idea from developing this product into mass production. As the report notes, Apple’s iPad lineup is currently the most affordable product lineup offered to students.

photo: unsplash/aidan hancock

However, many people think that Apple’s iPad for students is currently lagging behind Chromebooks because it is thought to be not easy to use and cannot compete with Chromebooks in terms of price.

Because of that, it seems that the cheap MacBook could be the solution. But it’s not an easy matter to disrupt the Chromebook market with the current price range.

According to iMore research, Chromebooks currently cost around USD 200 or around Rp. 3 million. Where in iMore’s notes, the most expensive Chromebook is the HP X360 which costs USD263 or around Rp. 4 million. So, is it possible that a cheap MacBook will offer a price below that? It seems that Apple will have to rely on more than price to entice students.






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