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Karina’s Build Items and the Best Emblems in Mobile Legends

Zeinal Wujud

Sept. 07, 2023

2:30 p.m

GAMEFINNITY.ID – Karina, the deadly assassin, has long been a favorite choice for Mobile Legends players who want to feel the satisfaction of killing their opponents in the twinkling of an eye. In this article, we will discuss Karina’s build items and the best emblems that will make her more deadly and lead you to victory on the Battlefield. So, pay close attention!

Strongest Karina Build Item Recommendations

Karina’s Build Items

Above is the strongest build item for Karina. With these items, you will produce very deadly attacks. Here’s a brief explanation of each item:

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1. Ice Hunter’s Arcane Boots: After being endowed with the Jungle item, these shoes will increase the effect of Spell Retribution. Apart from that, you will also get an increase in Magic Penetration and Movement Speed ​​which is very necessary for Karina.

2. Clock of Destiny: This item will increase Karina’s Magic Power with stacking abilities. The additional HP it gives will also increase Karina’s endurance on the battlefield.

3. Starlium Scythe: As a replacement for the Calamity Reaper, this item is a must-have for Karina. The effect strengthens Karina’s basic attacks, making them even more deadly.

4. Holy Crystal: Holy Crystal will make Karina’s attacks even more deadly by increasing her Magic Power significantly, allowing Karina to destroy enemies easily.

5. Winter Truncheon: This item is very useful in the Late Game. When activated, you enter Freeze mode which makes you unable to be attacked or attacked. If you have used it, you can replace it with Immortality.

6. Blood Wings: This is the most deadly Magic item. By giving very high Magic Power to Karina, you will become a bigger threat to your opponent.

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Best Emblem Recommendations for Karina Mobile Legends

Karina Mobile Legends Emblem

Above are recommendations for the best emblem settings for Karina in Mobile Legends. You can equip a Custom Assassin Emblem with the following talents:

1. Talent Tier 1 (Rupture): This talent will increase Karina’s Adaptive Penetration, making attacks stronger and more deadly.

2. Talent Tier 2 (Bargain Hunter): This talent will reduce the price of Equipment, allowing Karina to buy items at a cheaper price.

3. Talent Tier 3 (Killing Spree): Every time Karina manages to eliminate an opponent, this talent will provide HP regeneration and additional Movement Speed ​​for Karina for a few moments, allowing her to continue hunting enemies.

With these build items and emblems, Karina will become more lethal and hard to beat in Mobile Legends. Don’t forget to practice and coordinate strategies with your team to achieve a glorious victory! Hopefully this article will be useful for Karina players around the world of Mobile Legends.

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