Android application to help play the Pokemon GO game

Android application that makes you a master Pokemon GO player– this game which relies on Augmented Reality and Virtual GPS maps is increasingly popular and has more and more users throughout the world, including in Indonesia, after it was officially available on Playstore for free. Taking advantage of the popularity of the Pokemon GO game, many developers have finally created applications for Android phones that can maximize your playing the Pokemon GO game so that you become even better at playing it.

This application is specifically designed for Pokemon Go game users and is very helpful for players to get Pokemon monsters, get lots of Pokeballs, or GPS tracking. So, to make you more comfortable playing the Pokemon Go game, we have prepared several collections of applications that will help you become good at playing the Pokemon GO game, see the complete information below.

1.PokeWhere application

The first is Pokewhere, yep, this Android application which you can get for free from Google Playstore functions to get the location where Pokemon are, by using the Pokewhere application it is possible for you to easily find the exact location where the Pokemon monster is and you can also see what monsters are there. there or other types of Pokemon as an option in other locations that you might be able to catch later. How to use it is very easy.

  1. Notifications app for Pokemon GO

Another application that can also help you become a master in playing Pokemon GO is notification for Pokemon Go, which is an application that can notify you of the whereabouts of Pokemon monsters when you are in a place and that place happens to have Pokemon monsters, with this application you no longer need to open the game application. pokemon GO continues because of the application Notification for pokemon Go You will get a notification when there are Pokemon monsters around you. that way you don’t need to bother anymore, right?

  1. PokeDetector App

This application actually works almost the same as notification for Pokemon because with this application it is possible for you to detect Pokemon around you without having to open the Pokemon Go game application and you can also find out the type of Pokemon monster near you just with the PokeDetector application. You can set this application to be active in the background without disturbing your activities by setting the vibration or sound notification according to your needs.

4. GPS Status & Toolbox application

One application to help you become good at playing Pokemon GO is GPS status & toolbox because this application allows you to know which coordinates you are currently at. Because when the GPS location is updated, sometimes when the refresh process is finished, the status of the Pokemon that previously appeared on the maps may disappear, either because the signal is unstable or something else. So, to work around this, you can install this application on your Android cellphone. Especially for those of you who often have problems with the accuracy of the GPS location on your cellphone, this application could be the solution, this application can be downloaded on Google Playstore for free.

  1. Evolution Calc for Pokemon GO

Another application that is no less important to help you become a master of the Pokemon Go game is Evolution Calc for Pokemon Go. This application functions to calculate CP points when a Pokemon evolves, calculate the number of lucky eggs, or calculate CP points when a Pokemon powers up, and is also useful for knowing the weaknesses of each Pokemon. Install this application to make you even better at playing Pokemon GO.

As reported by, by installing one of the applications above, your playing Pokemon Go activities will be easier and of course better. Therefore, with this list of applications that help you get better at playing Pokemon games, hopefully you can become a Pokemon master trainer and be able to collect various rare monsters and other hero monsters. I hope this information is useful for you. Thank You






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