Andretti On Joining F1: “They told me to buy but no one wanted to sell!”

Andretti On Joining F1: “They told me to buy but no one wanted to sell!”

News about the Andretti team joining Formula 1 is now starting to get hot again. Finally, the FIA ​​plans to give permission to this American team to race in F1 as the 11th team. Even so, there is still a lot of resistance from several teams and even from the F1 organization itself.

At the beginning of his interest, Andretti received a lot of ridicule that they would not be able to compete in F1. However, after joining GM (General Motors) Cadillac, it seems that Andretti’s seriousness is no longer in question. With that much power, it seems that their financial problems will not be a problem.

Andretti: “They told me to buy but no one wants to sell!”

From the beginning of his interest, Mario Andretti (Andretti Autosports) received many suggestions to buy one of the existing teams, but after visiting several potential teams (which could be bought) they refused to sell their team.

This also annoyed Andretti because he felt he was being played by the F1 teams. They themselves suggested buying a ready-made team but no one wanted to sell their team to Andretti.

“We’ve been to every single team. They keep saying ‘buy a team’, and nobody wants to sell! – Mario Andretti

“We have visited every team. They always advise me to “buy a (existing) team, but no one wants to sell (the team)!”

It is indeed very unfortunate the response from the teams in F1, one of the strongest reasons why these teams are very closed to adding teams is about money and profit sharing.

The entrance fee suddenly tripled

How much is the formula 1 entry fee for a new team? It is known that according to the agreed regulations, the F1 entry fee is currently at 200 million dollars. However, this is still a matter of debate because the F1 teams currently believe that figure should be 3 times higher, namely, 600 million dollars.

This figure is considered appropriate because currently Formula 1 is at the peak of its popularity.

In fact, Andretti himself is ready to pay an entry fee of 200 million dollars which will actually be distributed to the existing teams.

Andretti still has a long way to go

The latest information we have is that the FIA ​​will soon give Andretti the green light to join Formula 1.

However, this does not automatically mean that they can immediately start preparations, there are still Formula 1 organizations that must be convinced that their presence in F1 will add more value to F1 as a whole.

There are rumors that if Andretti joins F1 they will not immediately get benefits like other teams, there are many scenarios that can be used so that Andretti cannot immediately sit comfortably while competing.

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