Ahead of Week 6 MPL ID S12, BTR Alpha Raises MDL Goldlaner

Ahead of Week 6 MPL ID S12, BTR Alpha Raises MDL Goldlaner

After the IESF 2023, the poor results of the Indonesian national team, which consisted of BTR Alpha players, seemed to have affected their performance ahead of the resumption of MPL ID S12.

This was marked by the arrival of a new Goldlaner from MDL who was upgraded to MPL ahead of week 6.

The announcement of the rise of Goldlaner MDL was just announced today September 6 2023. It seems that this has been influenced by Saken’s performance which has seen a decline recently.

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Xyve Raised from MDL

source: IG @bigetronesports

Xyve, who is BTR’s new gold laner who strengthens BTR Beta this season, has been upgraded to MPL ID S12.

His performance was quite good and brought BTR Beta to a fairly safe position in the MDL ID Season 8 standings.

Playing in MDL is an advantage because you can play many heroes with a global tire system. So, for hero pool, of course it’s quite good because you’re used to the many heroes used.

But that alone is certainly not enough because in MPL ID S12 mentality is also needed, will Xyve be able to immediately play and perform when defending BTR Alpha, or will he still be a backup to boost Saken’s performance which is irreplaceable this season.

It’s different from last season where there was Markyyy as another Goldlaner who could replace him if he played badly.

Moreover, in week six, BTR faced quite difficult teams, namely Dewa United Esports and RRQ.

Even though Dewa was defeated in leg 1, RRQ did not manage to beat them with a score of 2-0.

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