Advantages of Vivo Y15s and Specifications

Not long ago, Vivo Indonesia officially launched one of its entry level cellphones. For those of you who are looking for a cellphone for Rp. 2 Million, then this phone might be worth considering. But first, let’s review all the advantages of this latest Vivo Y15s.

For information, the Vivo Y15s is sold at Rp. 2 million in Indonesia for the 3GB RAM variant with 32GB internal memory. Yes, it is relatively small for the size of RAM and storage it has. Moreover, until now, Vivo has not shown any signs of launching a 4GB RAM variant.

In terms of specifications, this cellphone is quite good. Likewise, in terms of the engine, it is certainly still quite reliable, because the Vivo Y15s chooses to use Android Go Edition. This operating system is specifically for Android smartphones that have low performance.

Vivo Y15S specifications

Vivo Y15s has many interesting things which we will discuss. Starting from the design which I think is beautiful, from the front to the back of the body. Likewise, the screen is relatively large, of course very comfortable to use for social media and watching films.

This entry level cellphone from Vivo uses an IPS LCD type screen panel measuring 6.51 inches with a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels. Don’t worry about the safety of the screen from scratches, because one of the advantages of the Vivo Y15s is that it uses a screen protector layer.

Turning to the kitchen side, the Vivo Y15s uses the Mediatek Helio P35 (12nm) chipset combined with the PowerVR GE8320 GPU as a graphics processor. However, it is a bit unfortunate because this cellphone is only available in 4GB RAM and 32GB storage.

Luckily there is still a microSD slot that you can use to increase storage capacity up to 1TB. This microSD slot is also made separate from the dual-SIM slot.

The camera may not be very reliable. The downside to the Vivo Y15s is that it only uses a dual rear camera, with a 13MP main camera resolution lens and a 2MP depth sensor. Meanwhile, for the front camera, Vivo uses an 8MP resolution lens.

Another annoying thing about the Vivo Y15s is that it still uses the old microUSB 2.0 charging port. Fortunately, this cellphone has a capable 5,000mAh battery. For those of you who charge other gadgets, the advantage of the Vivo Y15s is that it can also be relied on because it has a reverse charging feature with a maximum power of 5W.

Advantages of Vivo Y15s Indonesia

A screen with a very spacious size is one of the advantages of the Vivo Y15w. Even though it only has a mediocre resolution, it is certainly very capable for viewing needs and social media activities.

Likewise, the design is beautiful and quite luxurious in my opinion, especially when looking at the rear camera module. Vivo designed the camera circle to be large, as if to show that the lens has a large resolution.

What about performance? Vivo Y15s is quite reliable. Even though the chipset may not be the best compared to its competitors, the advantage of the Vivo Y15s is that it chooses to use Android Go Edition.

Is that all? Of course there are still several other interesting things. Let’s just review in full all the advantages of the latest Vivo Y15s.

1. Beautiful Design

Vivo Y15s Beautiful Design

If we talk about design, we are definitely talking about taste. What I think is good or beautiful may not necessarily be beautiful in your opinion, and vice versa. But in my personal opinion, the design of the Vivo Y15s is very beautiful.

Vivo is a smartphone brand with an average design that is above other brands. Vivo always succeeds in creating designs that attract attention in my opinion and this is the advantage of the latest Vivo Y15S.

Even though it is priced at Rp. 1.9 million, but the design looks classy. Especially when we look at the rear camera module, with a fairly large black circle right on the camera lens. As if to show that the Vivo Y15s lens has a large resolution, even though this is not the case.

2. Relief Screen

Vivo Y15s Big Screen

If you buy a cellphone at Rp. 2 million and under, of course it will not be intended for heavy gaming needs. Of course it can be used to play online games, but not for heavy games.

Most users will probably use this cellphone for social media activities, chatting, or even watching videos. So, this is where the advantages of the Vivo Y15s lie because it can definitely fulfill the user’s wishes with a fairly spacious screen.

This cellphone uses an IPS LCD panel measuring 6.51 inches with a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels. Yes, a screen with a spacious size will satisfy the eyes when watching videos. It will also be able to better minimize missed touches when typing on the screen.

3. Android Go Edition

Android 11 Go Edition

In 2017, Google officially launched Android Go Edition, a special edition for smartphones with not too high performance specifications. There are quite a lot of Android brands that use this operating system, especially for cellphones priced at Rp. 1.6 million and below.

This new Vivo cellphone itself is priced at Rp. 1.9 million, but chose to use Android Go Edition. This of course has an impact on the efficiency and performance that the Vivo Y15s can produce. The performance of the Mediatek Helio P35 chipset will certainly be helped by this Android Go Edition.

Here, Vivo played very smartly and chose to be safe by using the Go version of Android. Even though it’s not a new chipset, the Helio P35’s performance isn’t too bad. And the advantage of the Vivo Y15s here is that it tries to maximize performance by using an operating system that is lighter than Android.

5. Fingerprint Sensor

At the end of 2021, fingerprint sensors are not expensive technology at all. Even cheaper cellphones are used to having this security feature embedded.

So, where are the advantages of the Vivo Y15s if the fingerprint sensor is cheap technology? The placement of the fingerprint sensor on the Vivo Y15s is a plus point for me. Unlike other entry level cellphones which place it on the back of the body, this entry level cellphone from Vivo chooses to place it on the right side, along with the power button.

The result? Of course it’s more minimalist and also cooler in my opinion. Personally, I still use a cellphone with a fingerprint sensor on the back as a daily cellphone, which seems old school in my opinion. However, it doesn’t matter, because the cellphone I use is still a 2019 cellphone.

4. 5,000mAh battery

This is also one of the advantages of the Vivo Y15s with its large battery. A screen with a large size will certainly require more battery power too. It’s a waste if the screen is large, but the battery is small.

However, the Vivo Y15s is not like that, because this smartphone already has a 5,000mAh battery. For normal use throughout the day, this battery is quite capable.

However, it is a bit unfortunate, because the Vivo Y15s still uses the old microUSB 2.0 port. There’s nothing special about charging, only a maximum of 10W. Of course it takes longer to charge this cellphone battery.

Conclusion regarding the advantages of Vivo Y15s Indonesia

One thing that is very annoying about the Vivo Y15s in my opinion is the very limited RAM and internal storage capacity. Even though potential consumers have more money to buy a higher variant, Vivo does not provide it.

However, if you are looking for a cellphone with a spacious screen, a large battery, and a beautiful design, then this cellphone is definitely worth considering. With a price of only Rp. Just 1.9 million, you can get everything in 1 package.

Talking about performance, of course it is still quite reliable. Not only because of the Helio P35 chipset it has, but also thanks to the use of Android Go Edition which is known to be more efficient and power efficient.

But of course it would be unfair not to discuss weaknesses. Regarding the shortcomings of the Vivo Y15s, I have reviewed them in a previous article. It’s a good idea for you to read it first, so you can decide more maturely whether to buy the Vivo Y15s or not.

That’s my review of the advantages of the latest Vivo Y15. Hopefully this can be useful for you as reference material in making a choice when planning to buy a new smartphone.






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