A Sustainable Data Center Future!

PT Telkom Indonesia, through its subsidiary, PT Telkom Data Ekosistem (NeutraDC), has just held a super cool international event, namely “NeutraDC Summit 2023”. Wait, this isn’t just an ordinary event!

This event will be held in Bali on September 4 2023 and not only invites participants from Indonesia, but also from various other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the Philippines, China, India, and even Ireland, guys! So, this is an extraordinary moment to exchange ideas about the potential and protection of data centers, the development of the world’s digital economy, and of course about sustainability.

Director of TelkomGroup Business Development Group, Honesti Basyir, even gave high appreciation for this event. According to him, this event is a forum that focuses on discussing technology and concrete solutions to guide us towards a more sustainable future.

Bogi Witjaksono, Director of Wholesale & International Service Telkom, revealed that the data center business in Indonesia is growing rapidly. This is driven by economic growth and increasingly massive internet penetration. So, this is a business that has tremendous growth potential.

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TelkomGroup doesn’t want to be left behind. They have three advantages that make them different from their competitors. First, they focus on digital ecosystem hubs. Second, their data center system has low latency and is seamless. Lastly, they are committed to building a sustainable data center.

One of TelkomGroup’s commitments is decarbonization. They have a hyperscale data center in Cikarang which already uses renewable energy. Not only that, they are also building a Hyperscale Data Center in Batam with an IT load capacity of 51 MW. This data center is expected to be able to capture demand from other countries and will use environmentally friendly energy.

The panel discussion itself presented a number of experts from various fields, ranging from the data center industry, digital infrastructure, to experts in the field of sustainability and law firms.

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