A series of features that a manufacturing software must have

Manufacturing system
or software Manufacturing is designed in such a way as to support and maximize the production operations of each company from various industries, especially manufacturing.

For today’s companies, it is very important to be able to immediately switch to a smarter and more efficient production operating system. Remember software Manufacturing is now quite easy to find, especially in Indonesia.

In choosing software manufacturing, you need knowledge and understanding regarding these supporting devices first. Both in terms of needs and the company’s budget.

For this reason, this article will discuss in more detail about software manufacture. Starting from the definition and important features inside software manufacturing, here is the explanation.

What is Manufacturing Software

Software Manufacturing is software that offers promising functions in supporting and optimizing manufacturing operations from the planning stage to project implementation from start to finish. Software Manufacturing also allows users to automate materials planning, production tracking and scheduling, and product life cycle management.

Implementation software Manufacturing can provide a number of promising benefits for companies ranging from streamlining manufacturing operations, reducing production costs, providing more accurate business data, significantly increasing visibility of production operations, improving product quality, and much more.

5 Important Features of Manufacturing Software

There are at least 5 important features that a must have software manufacture. The following is an explanation in the description below.

1. Bill of Materials

The first important feature to pay attention to when choosing software manufacturing is bill of materials.

Bill of materials itself is a feature that can help users describe and manage a series of production supporting components such as raw materials and resources (labor, machines, and so on). Where a number of these components will be linked directly to various other related activities ranging from production scheduling, inventory, purchasing, sales and finance.

This means that this feature provides visibility and integration between divisions of a company involved in production operations.

2. Inventory Management & Planning

The second important feature is inventory management & planning, where the role of assisting users in calculating and planning company inventory levels. So that companies can produce finished goods on time in a sustainable manner.

Broadly speaking, how this feature works is looking at sales demand – analyzing product lead times – analyzing resource capacity – assessing minimum inventory levels – estimating sales to predict production demand – until finally the system generates the necessary purchase orders for raw materials and creates orders production.

3. Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

The next third important feature is purchasing & supply chain managementi.e. part of software manufacturing which serves as a reminder and follow-up to efforts to manage relationships with suppliers and track incoming orders. This feature can help your company adjust production schedules proactively if delays occur.

4. Production Management

Production management is the fourth important feature that can support the production process to be much more efficient. This feature is able to support production operations starting from the stage of releasing raw materials, tracking labor and machine run time, determining batch and serial numbers to moving finished goods to the company inventory (warehouse/other similar storage place).

5. Production Reporting & Analysis

Production reporting & analysis is the last important feature that is considered mandatory to be provided by a software manufacture.

This is due to features production reporting & analysis functions to help companies analyze a number of crucial things in a production operation starting from production line efficiency, inventory levels and the company’s financial performance. Even on some software advanced manufacturing, this feature has been successfully redeveloped and is capable of carrying out specific and in-depth analysis processes on costs, profitability and production line performance.

That’s all the material presented on this topic. In addition, if your company is looking for software state-of-the-art manufacturing.






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