8 Ways to Overcome Ghost Touch on HP Realme C11, C2, C21y, 5i, C35, 5 Pro, 3 Pro, Pad

Problem ghosttouch on the cellphone screen can be very annoying. Sometimes the cellphone screen can move on its own without being touched. This is very common in full screen smartphoneand almost all cellphone brands have experienced the phenomenon ghosttouchincluding Realme.

Ghost touch usually appears due to water or dust contamination that sticks to the screen, or damage to the IC or screen panel. This problem could also be related to a system update software which are incompatible, although this case is quite rare.

Well, for those of you who are experiencing this, it’s perfect because CadeMedia will provide a tutorial on how to solve it ghosttouch on HP Realme C11, C2, C21y, 5i, C35, 5 Pro, 3 Pro, Pad and others easily. Come on, just take a look at the complete discussion below!

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Causes of Ghost Touch on Realme HP

Have you ever panicked because your cellphone moved by itself even though you didn’t touch it or press any buttons? Don’t worry, this usually happens when you are playing on your cellphone in the positioncharges with an adapter that is not the default.

However, there are many more causes of its occurrence ghosttouch on Android phones like Realme that you may not be aware of.

This is the cause ghosttouch on Realme cellphones that you need to know so you can solve them with the right solution.

The cellphone screen is dirty or has been exposed to water

A cellphone screen that is splashed with water or has dust that gets on the cellphone screen can interfere with the touch sensitivity of the screen. So, if your cellphone screen is dirty, don’t be surprised to experience it ghosttouch.

Apart from protecting the cellphone from impacts, we also need to keep the cellphone screen clean.

Application Problems

A problem or application bug causes the screen to become slow, even unstable and move around on its own without being touched.

This problem usually arises because of the process updates which is incomplete or existing corrupted files on certain applications.


HP devices that are too hot can cause the system to become unstable. One of them is the part of the screen that can move by itself even without touch.

Overheating This can occur due to excessive use of the device, such as when playing games and supported by hot weather conditions.

Broken LCD Screen

If there are scratches or a broken LCD screen, it can affect the touch sensitivity of the screen.

If it’s like this, the cellphone screen won’t just suffer ghosttouch but there will be certain parts that cannot be pressed.

How to deal with Ghost Touch on Realme cellphones

After knowing some of the causes, now is the time to address them ghosttouch on a Realme cellphone in a way that is easy to practice yourself.

Here are some ways to overcome it ghosttouch on HP Realme C11, C2, C21y, 5i, C35, 5 Pro, 3 Pro, and Realme Pad.

Clean the HP Screen

If your cellphone is too dusty, dirty, and you see water splashing, immediately clean it. This can trigger it to occur ghosttouch on the cellphone screen.

You can use tissue or a soft cloth to clean the surface of the cellphone screen. If the dirt is difficult to remove, you can use screen cleaning fluid or wet a cloth and wipe until clean.

Make sure you don’t use too much water so as not to worsen the condition of your cellphone screen.

Restart the Realme cellphone

Now, restart HP is a quite effective solution for dealing with various HP problems. By reloading you can fix bugs or application problems that may be the source of the problem ghosttouch.

The method is very easy, you just press and hold the power button until the options appear Restart or Reload. After that, press then wait a few moments. The cellphone will close all running applications and turn it off, then it will automatically turn back on.

Replace Tempered Glass

Tempered Glass It does have a good function for the cellphone screen, namely that it can protect the cellphone from dust, dirt and water splashes so that it does not directly hit the screen.

However, the use is not fit or quality tempered glass those that are not good can interfere with touching the screen.

To overcome this, you can let go tempered glass the old one and replace it with tempered glass new. Make sure before installing it that you have cleaned your cellphone screen, so that no dust sticks to it when the screen protector is installed.

Use the Original Adapter or Charge Cable

is ghosttouch only appears when you are charging? Maybe you use chargers which is not original, due to inconsistencies watt or Adapter and cable charges it is damaged. Indeed, there are types of adapters that are not compatible with certain brands or types of cellphones which causes this to occur ghosttouch.

Who would have thought that using original adapters and cables could be a solution to the problem ghosttouch.

Therefore, it is highly recommended to charge using the default or original charger even though the price is slightly more expensive than KW products.

Update Firmware

A system that is too old can cause device performance to decrease. This could be one of the reasons why the cellphone screen is experiencing ghosttouchdue to sensitivity problems on the screen.

To increase device performance, you can update the system or firmware on Realme.

Follow these steps to update the system or firmware on your Realme cellphone.

  1. Enter the menu Arrangement.
  2. Press options About Mobile.
  3. Then, click options Software Updates.
  4. Wait a few moments to update your software on your Realme cellphone.

Reset Screen Calibration

Screen calibration is a process that aims to ensure the screen is on smartphones You operate well and repair if there are problems. While experiencing ghosttouch You need to check it through screen calibration.

Not all smartphones has a built-in calibration feature, to check it you can go to settings then use the column search to look for the calibration feature.

If your cellphone doesn’t have it, you can download a third-party application first on the Google Play Store called Touchscreen Calibration.

Check Using the Partial Screen Application

Next, you can also use the Partial Screen application to solve this problem ghosttouch on Realme cellphone. You can get this application for free via the Google Play Store.

So, follow the steps below to use Partial Screen.

  1. Download the app Partial Screen on Google Play Store.
  2. Next, activate it Start Auto Service by clicking the green and orange buttons.
  3. So, if your screen has problems, a colorful display will appear on the screen while the application is analyzing it.
  4. Wait for the analysis process to complete and avoid doing other activities while the process is in progress.

Take it to a Service Center

Have you done all the methods above, but still no good results? If there is a crack on the cellphone screen, you can consult a service technician. You can also tell us what steps you have taken to fix it.

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Well, that’s the way to overcome it ghosttouch on HP Realme C11, C35, 5 Pro, 3 Pro, C2, C21y, 5i, Pad or other types you can do. After knowing the methods above, now you don’t need to panic anymore if at any time your cellphone experiences a screen that moves on its own.






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