8 Best Counter Barats Heroes You Can Try!

Game News – It’s hard to beat Barats because of his great damage? Don’t worry, you can beat Barats using our list of recommended Barats hero counters. As you know, facing Barats in the game Mobile Legends does require a smart strategy to take advantage of its weakness.

Barats is a very strong tank hero in Mobile Legends. He has a lot of CC that can be used to control enemies, and he also has quite a lot of damage. However, Barats also has several weaknesses, such as low mobility and dependence on stack.

Like Uranus, Barats relies heavily on stack accumulation. If Uranus collects stacks to increase his regeneration effect so he can hit-and-run better, Barats collects stacks to increase his body size, increase his endurance, and also increase the impact of his abilities.

However, Barats has limitations in his mobility, which means he has not yet reached the level of a tier S jungler at this time. If you want to play as Barats, it’s best to collaborate with a roamer healer or choose a hero who can help Barats move, like Mathilda.

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Hero Counter Barats

So, here is a list of effective heroes to fight and kill Barats. Learn more below!

1. Granger

Granger is a marksman who can act as a jungler. His movement speed and long-range attacks make him an effective hero against Barats. With burst damage With massive body and continuous attacks, Granger is able to take on Barats well, even when his stack is full.

2. Kaja

Kaja, is support with great CC. Kaja can dodge Barats’ attacks with Lightning Bomb (2) and has Ultimate Divine Judgment to drag Barats to an ally and finish him off. Barats has difficulty facing Kaja in a team or duel.

3. Carrie

There are still other marksman heroes that can be used to counter Barats. He had True Damage, which meant he could penetrate Barats’ armor. Karrie also has high mobility, which allows her to avoid CC Barats.

4. Ling

Ling is an assassin hero who has very high mobility. He can easily enter and leave teamfights, which allows him to avoid CC Barats. Ling also has quite a lot of damage, which can be used to quickly kill Barats.

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5. Kimmy

This unique Marksman-Mage can move while shooting. Barats’ weakness is the difficulty against nimble heroes like Kimmy. Kimmy can easily dodge Barats’ attacks and deal heavy damage to him.

6. Chou

Chou is a regular counter for many heroes, one of which is Barats. Chou has Crowd Control abilities, can paralyze Barats with Jeet Kune Do (1) or drag him with The Way of the Dragon (Ultimate). In a duel, Chou can overcome Barats with his Shunpo (2) ability which eliminates his CC.


Next, there’s another Support hero who can fight Barats! Diggie is a great counter for several heroes in Mobile Legends, including Barats. Diggie has the ability Reverse Time (2) which can stop Barats from growing any bigger. Apart from that, Diggie can also remove the Crowd Control effect from himself and his allies with Time Journey, so Barats can’t rely too much on CC on Diggie.

8. Pharsa

This mage has high burst damage and his ultimate is suitable for helping his teammates to finish off Barats’ thick life. Not to mention the ultimate range is quite wide so when combined with epic teamwork, it’s quite easy to finish off Barats in one ultimate.

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That’s a list of Barats counter heroes that you must know. Which hero is your favorite choice? Play all games with headsets, keyboards and mice available at the JETE Store. Come on! What are you waiting for? Feel the sensation of playing with JETEX which can make the atmosphere even more epic!






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