8 Advantages of the Canon EOS R10 that you must know

The EOS R10 is a Canon mirrorless with an APS-C sensor. Even though it targets the middle class segment, this mirrorless camera is equipped with advanced features found in high-end Canon mirrorless cameras. What are the features and advantages? Here are 8 advantages of the Canon EOS R10 that you must know.

Advantages of the Canon EOS R10

1. Lightest Mid-Range EOS R

In the middle class, Canon has two camera products, namely the EOS R7 and EOS R10 which were launched simultaneously. In terms of weight dimensions, the two are different. The EOS R10 is only around 429 grams. Making it the lightest in the mid-range EOS R line. So, it is very suitable for mobility.

2. Latest 24.2 Megapixel Image Sensor

The EOS R10 is equipped with the latest APS-C image sensor with a resolution of 24.2 megapixels. Powered by Canon’s flagship DIGIC Ideal for large print needs or just showing off on social media.

3. Very reliable in low light conditions

The DIGIC ISO settings in photo mode can be up to ISO 32000 and can be expanded up to ISO 51200. Meanwhile, in video mode the ISO settings support up to ISO 12800 and can be expanded up to ISO 25600.

Paired with a range of Canon RF lenses with large apertures, the EOS R10 can be relied on to take photos in all lighting conditions. Even in low light conditions or at night. Or, you can also use the available internal flash assistance.

4. Can shoot at high speed
The EOS R10 is capable of shooting non-stop at high speeds of up to 15 fps in mechanical mode. Almost equivalent to the EOS-1D X Mark III DSLR camera which can shoot up to 16 fps. If not in Electronic Shutter mode, the EOS R10 can shoot up to 23 fps at full 24.2 megapixel resolution.

A RAW Burst mode is also available for shooting full-resolution RAW images at up to 30 fps. This mode supports pre-shooting, which is 0.5 seconds before the user fully presses the shutter button. That way this camera can be relied upon to take fast actions and capture unexpected moments.

5. Advanced AutoFocus System with Artificial Intelligence Support

The EOS R10 is a Canon camera that inherits the AutoFocus (AF) technology on the EOS R3, namely the EOS iTR AF the color and shape of the subject.

Combined with Dual Pixel CMOS AF II technology, the autofocus performance will also be very fast, responsive and accurate, even for moving subjects.

Apart from that, the EOS R10 also provides a switch for switching focus modes. Only by rotating the AF dial switch pressing the button can the focus mode be instantly switched from automatic to manual mode.

6. Supports 4K Video Recording

In video mode, the EOS R10 can record video up to 4K 30p resolution with oversampling from the 6K format. If needed, the EOS R10 can also record at 4K UHD 60p resolution with a crop of up to 1.6x.

Interestingly, the EOS R10 video mode also supports slow motion video recording up to 120 fps in Full HD resolution, 10x digital zoom, can record in HDR PQ 10 bit 4:2:2 format, and supports live broadcasts to the YouTube platform. Equivalent to professional grade mirrorless features.

7. Video recording is more stable with Movie Digital IS

To support more stable video recording on the EOS R10, support for the Movie Digital IS feature is available.
Relying on the gyro sensor in the body, the camera can detect hand shake and provide a stabilizing effect that is equivalent to a 5-axis stabilizer feature.

The stabilization capability can also be optimized by using a range of Canon lenses which are equipped with the OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer) feature.

8. Get creative with SCN Panorama Shot Mode and SCN Panning Mode

Panorama Shot SCN mode

The EOS R10 is equipped with several of the latest features and technologies to simplify workflow and increase creativity. SCN Panorama Shot mode and SCN Panning mode provide better image stability to achieve perfect panned photo shots. In addition, the Depth Compositing mode can automatically combine several images into one image that has a sharp focus from the subject in front to the back.

SCN Panning Mode

Special Scene Mode (SCN Mode) which contains several shooting scene modes that make it easier and trigger beginners to further enhance creativity. One of the modes in SCN mode is Panning mode, users can create panned photos with the help of the settings provided and by the camera.

Focus Bracketing Mode

In addition, there is a focus bracketing mode equipped with in-depth compositing. It can automatically take continuous shooting and immediately combine several images into one image that has sharp focus from the front to the back of the object which is processed directly in the camera.

With these features and specifications, the EOS R10 is indeed on par with high-end EOS DSLR cameras. Coupled with an array of contemporary features such as a smart and sophisticated autofocus system, the ability to record video at high resolution, and the ability to shoot at high speed, the EOS R10 is a new standard for mid-range mirrorless cameras for photo and video enthusiasts. This camera is suitable for amateur-class photographers and videographers to content creators who need a compact mirrorless camera with an array of professional-grade features.






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