7+ Ways to Get Mobile Legends Battle Points Quickly

Game – No need to use cheats! This is how I get mobile legends battle points quickly and easily, up to millions.

This is how to quickly get Mobile Legends battle points easily. Are you a Mobile Legends game player who is currently hunting for battle points? If yes, then you must read this post to the end.

Mobile Legends is one of the MOBA genre Android games that is currently on the rise. Since its release until this year, the number of fans of this game has reached more than 100 million users via the Play Store.

Even so, there are still many users who say that the Mobile Legends game still often lags, especially Indonesian players. However, to overcome this, you can read the article on how to overcome mobile legends lag that we wrote previously.

However, despite all the problems in this game, Mobile Legends is still the best choice for Android MOBA game fans. Mobile Legends provides dozens of heroes that you are ready to use using battle points or diamonds.

How to Get Mobile Legends Battle Points Quickly!

Unfortunately, getting Mobile Legends battle points is not easy if we don’t understand how. So, this time I will give you tips on how to get battle points quickly and easily.

Login Every Day

The easiest way to get Mobile Legends battle points is to log in every day. The prizes are not always battle points, they can be tickets, magic dust, mystery packs, hero trials and others.

One of the gifts I look forward to the most is Surprising Battle Points Giftpack which contains hundreds to thousands of battle points just by logging in. It’s easy, right?

Opening Chests

After logging in, all you have to do is open the chest. In Mobile Legends, chests are divided into 2, namely Free Chests and Medal Chests.

Free Chest its existence is free. Can be opened every 4 hours. Contains battle points, emblems, magic dust and fragments.

Medal Chest Its existence can be opened if you manage to collect 10 battle medals. Used every 12 hours. The number of prizes obtained will usually be more than the Free Chest, especially if the player opens it after getting the MVP title.

Play diligently

Like other MOBA games, by playing players will get prizes in the form of battle medals and Battle Points. There are 5 types of battle that you can choose, namely Ranked, Classic, Brawl, vs AI, and Custom.

Just a leak, that in the middle of this year a new mode will be opened called Survival Mode. As the name suggests, this mode is made a little similar to the Battle Royale genre game. If you are interested, please read the article below!

If you want to collect battle points quickly, I suggest playing Ranked and Classic.

Maintaining a Good Credit Score

Maintaining a Credit Score is actually very easy. The key is, never go afk and play as you should. Every week, players who have a Credit Score above 90 will receive 300 to 500 battle points.

Even in the latest update, if you manage to keep your credit score at 110, you can get additional gold and free emotes, you know! Not bad, right?

Completing Challenges and Tasks

Mobile Legends has lots of prizes that you can get just by doing the various tasks available.

One of the easiest challenges is Daily Tasks or Daily Tasks that you can complete as the day changes. Prizes can be in the form of Battle Points, Tickets, Emblem Packs and Mystery Packs.

There is one more challenge that you must complete, namely Achievements. This challenge is complicated and takes time, but when the Achievement level rises, you will usually receive thousands of battle points along with other prizes.

Increase Tier at the End of the Season

At the end of every season, Mobile Legends willreset the ranking you get. In return, they will give you various bonuses, usually in the form of Battle Points, Tickets and Hero Skins.

The higher the rank you have, the more battle points you will get. So don’t forget to play in Ranked Mode.

Using Double BP Card Items

And the last way to get Mobile Legends battle points is to use the Double BP Card item. You could say this method is the most efficient step.

By using this item, every battle point you get will be multiplied by 2 as it should be. The way to get this Double BP Card item is also quite difficult and easy.

  • First, you can buy it using diamonds. For those of you who want to buy it, please read the article on how to buy mobile legends diamonds on Codashop that I wrote.
  • Second, by sharing game results on Facebook, players will usually receive this Double BP Card item for free.

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The final word

That’s the article on how to get Mobile Legends battle points easily. Hopefully this is useful and if you have questions about this article, please write your opinion in the comments column.






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