7 Ways to Change the Realme Back Button Without an Application

One very popular brand is Realme, which has been known for the various advanced features it offers. One of the frequently used buttons on Realme devices is the back button. How to Change the Realme Back Button can be done without additional applications.

The back button allows users to easily return to the previous screen while browsing applications or web pages. However, what if you want to change how the back button works? Maybe you find the button to be less efficient or want to adapt it to your own usage style.

Customizing the back button on Realme devices has many important reasons which can be an incentive for users to do so. Each user has different preferences and usage styles. By changing the function of the back button, users can customize their Realme device to be more comfortable and suit their unique needs.

Customization can increase user efficiency and productivity. For example, they can assign a custom action to the back button for quick access to their favorite apps or other important functions.

For gaming fans, remapping the back button can be a huge advantage. By optimizing the back button for a specific game, users can respond faster and have a smoother gaming experience.

Back button customization can also help users with accessibility challenges. By rearranging the back button to suit their needs, users with disabilities or special conditions can more easily access their devices.

Back button customization allows users to experiment with different ways of using the device. This can also trigger new innovations in the use of technology that is more effective and efficient. Here are some steps from Projectino Regarding the correct way to change the Realme Back Button.

  1. Go to Settings : Open the “Settings” app on your Realme device.
  2. Select System and Device : Within the Settings menu, select the “System and Devices” option.
  3. Select Navigation Keys: Next, select the “Navigation Buttons” or “Gesture Navigation” option depending on the version of your Realme device.
  4. Select Back Button: After entering the Navigation Keys menu, you will see the option to set the back button.
  5. Choose Customization Options: Realme usually provides several options for the back button. You can choose between the following options:
  6. Save Changes: Once you have selected the desired customization options, be sure to save the changes you made by clicking the “Save” or “Apply” button if applicable.
  7. Customization Trial: Once you’ve saved your changes, test the new back button functionality. Make sure that the customizations you make work well and suit your preferences.

Please note that the above steps may vary slightly depending on the version and model of Realme device you own. However, in general, you should be able to find the option to change the back button in the system settings of your Realme device.

By changing the function of the back button, users can increase the convenience, efficiency and productivity of using their devices.

Resolved Issues with Back Button Customization

Although back button customization can provide various benefits, but sometimes users can also face some problems. Here are some common issues that may occur when customizing the back button and how to resolve them:

1. Back Button Not Responding

If the back button does not respond after customization, make sure you have correctly activated the customization function in the device settings. Try turning the device off and on again to see if the problem is resolved.

2. Conflict with Other Apps

Some third party apps or system software may have conflict with back button customize settings. Try temporarily disabling third-party apps or other settings related to the back button to identify the cause of the problem.

3. Customization Doesn’t Work in All Apps

Some apps may not support back button customization, especially if they have been designed with a specific layout and navigation. If you face this problem, try using the default settings again for a particular app or reverting the back button customizations to their original settings.

4. Back Button Does Not Appear on Screen

If you have chosen to use virtual navigation buttons, but the back button does not appear on the screen, make sure you have enabled the virtual navigation buttons option in the system settings of your Realme device.

5. Problematic Third Party Applications

If you use a third party app for remapping the back button, be sure to download a safe and trusted app. Some apps may not be compatible or may cause problems to your device. If you’re facing serious issues, consider looking into alternative remapping apps.

6. Device Unstable After Customization

If your device experiences instability after back button customization, ensure that you have followed the instructions correctly and selected the appropriate customization option. If the problem persists, consider reverting the settings back to the original configuration or seeking help from your device’s support center.

Before customizing the back button, it is recommended to back up important data and avoid changing unknown settings. If you experience more serious problems after customization, we recommend contacting your Realme device’s official support center for further assistance.


Back button customization also allows users to personalize their Samsung devices according to their individual wishes and lifestyle. Users can customize the back button to suit their unique preferences, including resetting the single-tap, double-tap, and press-hold actions.

For gaming fans, optimizing the back button for gaming purposes can provide a smoother and more responsive gaming experience. Additionally, back button customization can also help users with accessibility challenges, providing support for users with disabilities or special needs. Also check out the interesting review about How to Check Xiaomi Activation Without Application on the previous information.






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