7 Sickest Marksman ML Heroes in 2023, One Shot He Dies Immediately

Marksman ML is one of the favorite roles in Mobile Legends. In each team, there is always a Marksman hero selected. Why is that?

Because Marksman ML has very useful abilities. Hero Marksman is famous for his ability to launch long-range attacks. So you can stay safe throughout the match.

There are various Marksman heroes. There are Marksman heroes who attack using arrows, there are also those who launch attacks with pistols or laser shots.

Whatever the type, the Marksman hero is capable of producing attacks with very high damage. To get the most out of it, you can farm gold first during the early game, so this hero is more suitable for the mid and late game.

However, the durability and mobility of Marksman ML is quite low. So if you choose the Marksman hero, you have to be able to adjust your position and a safe distance from the enemy so you don’t just die.

If you are confused about choosing a Marksman ML hero, here are recommendations for the best Marksman ML hero names that you can choose. Anyone?

Recommendations for the Best ML Marksman Hero 2023


Clint is the first Marksman ML hero recommended. He who has the CC effect can be very helpful in 1 vs 1 battles between Marksman. Clint’s two shots are enough to finish off the enemy’s hero core.

Clint’s basic attack range is also quite far. This is very rare for other Marksman heroes. Clint can do a lot of damage in the early or late game carry his team.


Claude has the advantage in terms of burst damage and area attacks. He can attack up to 360 degrees with a fairly wide area of ​​effect damage.

Claude’s skill is enough to make the opponent nervous because it is difficult to escape. Especially if you use combo skills, namely Ulti Blazing Duet and Art of Thievery. Makes Claude worthy of being called one of the sickest Marksman heroes in 2023.


Kimmy actually has a dual role. He can be a Marksman ML hero and also a Mage hero. Therefore, it is not surprising that Kimmy is quite strong at the start of the game. His blink skill makes him very agile in repelling various attacks.

Kimmy’s most deadly attacks are maximum charge and burst damage. These attacks are very difficult for opposing heroes to avoid, so Kimmy is difficult to beat, whether in the early game or in the late game.


Melissa is the strongest Marksman ML hero. The winning percentage is very high. Melissa is also included in the ranks of the most widely used Marksman heroes, especially in season 26.

Melissa’s advantages include thick HP with high attack speed, as well as skill 2 (Eyes on You!). Where he also avoids enemies quickly. The shield will appear when the Go Away! activated


Another strongest ML marksman is Karrie. Especially if you have to fight an enemy with 2 tank heroes. Karrie is very capable of crushing tanks using her passive true damage skill.

Karrie is also one of the most beautiful and popular Mobile Legends heroes. This hero could be an option for those of you who are looking for a female Marksman with the strongest abilities.


Granger is also one of the strongest Marksman ML heroes. The large damage effect from the start of the game which also has a short skill cooldown makes it widely chosen.

Granger is very capable of crushing his enemies until they run out of blood due to the spam skill he released.

Granger also has the blink skill. A skill that is useful when chasing enemies or when running away. His damage dealer allows Granger to understand when to defend and also when to attack.


In Mobile Legend season 15, Bruno was among the top 3 sickest ML Marksman. His passive skill in the form of mecha legs can really cause the opponent’s hero to suffer critical damage. The more kills you make, the greater the damage Bruno produces.

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Those are the seven names of Marksman ML heroes that you can choose from. By choosing the strongest Marksman ML hero, victory can be achieved easily. Who is your favorite Marksman hero?






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