7 Popular Games in 2023 That You Must Try

& Many Popular Games 2023 which you can try to play, because a lot of popular games must have been played and you will get the excitement you want when playing this popular game.

In Popular Games 2023 Here you will be given lots of choices for you to play, so all you have to do is choose one of these games and you can play and have fun playing one of these popular games.

Enjoy the excitement of playing the best and most popular games in 2023

Some of the best-selling and most popular games in the gaming world in 2023 have exploded fast enough to match the PC and console gaming industries. As technology advances, this is supported by the evidence that “game engines” for mobile bases such as phones and tablets are now rendered in fine detail.

This way, developers can finally make quality games that overcome some of their initial limitations. On the iOS side, one of the biggest mobile platforms is Android and below is the list of the best and popular games in 2023.

7 Most Popular Games in 2023 in Indonesia Currently

Playing the most popular games in 2023 on your cellphone is a solution when you are bored and have nothing to do. Games are believed to increase sharpness of thinking and concentration in the brain. Below are the 7 best Android games for 2023 and the most popular games in the world from 2023 until now which are the best and most popular games for you.

  1. PUBG Mobile

Playing Battle Royale is a growing trend among modern gamers. PUBG Mobile is one of the best games adapted from the PC version. This game asks players to fight against 99 other players to survive.

  1. Free Fire

Becoming the best-selling mobile game in the world in 2023, Free Fire is highly praised by several gamers in Indonesia. The world’s best android online game offers great game situations and light details. Similar to PUBG Mobile, this game as a battle royale game places players on a deserted island with 49 other players.

  1. Mobile Legends

If you like MOBA games, Mobile Legends is the answer when you are bored. This game has succeeded in attracting the attention of many gamers in Indonesia and has made it the best-selling mobile game in the world in 2023.

There are many famous counter-initiators and players who play Mobile Legends, including Jess No Limit. This game made by Moontoon Developer is a type of multiplayer game which of course requires players to be strong when playing as a team.

  1. League of Legends

MOBA game ‘League of Legends: Wild Rift!’ popular as the toughest competitor in the games ‘DOTA 2’ and ‘Mobile Legends’. As the first mobile game to be updated by Riot Game, this game comes with almost the same features and mechanics as the PC version.

  1. Call of Duty Mobile

Another popular game in the world in 2023 is here to compete with PUBG Mobile and Free Fire games, Call of Duty Mobile as the Android battle royale game that is currently widely played.

Like FPS and Battle Royale games in general, the game process specifically for COD Mobile is to survive the war to become a champion. Call of Duty requires players to have special equipment that can support their performance in order to survive, one of which is a weapon.

  1. Among Us

Among Us is an Android game as well as a PC game that is emerging and gaining popularity in 2023. This game focuses on a team of astronauts who have to complete a series of visions, when there is an imposter among them, other players must negotiate and guess the impostor.

  1. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is the best action-RPG game in the world in 2023 that comes with combat mechanics. miHoYo is a new game developer from China, Genshin Impact, which has been quite successful in launching this game.

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The final word

Many Popular Games 2023 that you can choose and make you confused about which game to play. Don’t worry, you can choose one of the most popular games above. We guarantee that you will be addicted to playing one of the games above. Thank You.

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