7 Indonesian Films That Shouldn’t Be Remakeed

There are various ways from a film to win the hearts of the audience. Apart from creating exciting storylines, filmmakers also have the option of remaking old films to be remade.

Of course this is a shortcut to bring in an audience because some potential viewers already know and want to reminisce about the story. However there are a number of films remakes Indonesia which should not be made.

One of the reasons is of course because of the results remakesit turns out that it’s not optimal; even disappointing. So, what Indonesian films should not be made? remakes-his? Here comes the summary.

Indonesian films that you don’t need to watchremakes

1. Single

Quartet Ringgo Agus Rahman, Rizky Hanggono, Dennis Adhiswara and Christian Sugiono in the film Single in 2006 it was indeed difficult to replace. The four of them looked stunning in the film directed by Hanung Bramantyo. As new actors, the four names really present a fresh storyline; naughty but still fun.

Single made again in 2017. This time fronted by Arie Kriting, Ge Pamungkas, Deva Mahendra and Richard Kyle. It’s a shame that this film isn’t too successful in giving excitement to the audience, the comedy isn’t too successful either. In addition, the quartet of singles has already attached itself to the names of its four members. So, movies remake Single it really shouldn’t be done.

2. Benjamin: The culprit

What Indonesian doesn’t know Benyamin Sueb, this versatile actor has always been a magnet for everyone. He can play any character in the film. One of the famous films is the 1972 film Biang Kerok. This film also inspired Falcon Pictures to make a film. remakes Indonesia entitled Benjamin: The culprit year 2018

Unfortunately, everything didn’t go as expected. The scenario feels raw, the comedy feels bland. The absurd storyline also caused this film to receive a lot of criticism.

It doesn’t stop there, this film also received a summons because it was deemed to violate copyright. Yep, movies Benjamin: The culprit it should never be made remake. This film was made in a series but the sequel to the second film was not shown in cinemas.

3. Gita Cinta from high school

This collaboration between film and song is equally famous across the ages. Gita Cinta from high school is a famous film in the late 70s. The romance story also makes you smile but is also peppered with tense conflict. In 2017 this film was made remakes by title Galih and Ratna.

Unfortunately, this Indonesian film, starring Sheryl Sheinafia and Refal Hady, failed to bring the audience’s feelings to the same mood as the previous film. This film feels bland with a slow plot. Apart from feeling unnatural, this film also feels like it doesn’t keep up with the times.

Well, this year’s film Gita Cinta from high school remade. Remakesthis time starring Isaiah Abraham and Prilly Latuconsina

4. Miracle Baby

Apart from drama films, there are also horror films which are also included in the film list remakes Indonesia. Miracle Baby is a film that in the 80s had its spurs because it felt successful in bringing the audience to traumatic fear. The film was then made remakesin 2023 and partnering with a number of well-known names such as Vino G Bastian and Adipati Dolken.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to repeat success Miracle Baby. The horror of this film in the 80s cannot be copied. This film feels like it’s confused to show the scenes jumpscare which is the current horror movie formula or is like a movie Miracle Baby In the past, people relied on scary makeup formulas to scare the audience.

In the end the movie Miracle Baby it’s hard to doremake and repeated the terrible story.

5. Boy’s Note

In the 80s, the character Boy was a very popular character, he became a figure who became a mecca styles Indonesian youth at that time. Film Boy’s Note It’s phenomenal, this film also features the names of Onky Aleksander, Ayu Azhari, and Merriam Bellina. That potential is what made this film finally happen-remake.

Film remakeis played by Angga Yunanda who plays this character. Unfortunately, this film still cannot reach the popularity of the Onky version of Boy. Previously in 2011 film Boy’s Diary It was made as a sequel to the previous film but was also not very successful. Film Boy’s Note indeed, since the beginning, there should be no need to make a sequel, let alone in-remake.

6. Lupus

Another popular youth icon of his time whose films were loved by many people. Lupus is an Indonesian phenomenon. From a short story by Hilman Hariwijaya, Lupus was transformed into a film and soap opera. In 1987 to 1991 there were five films Lupus. At that time the main actor Ryan Hidayat played Lupus.

In 2013, this character was ‘awakened’ again through film remake Indonesia entitled Wake Up Again, Lupus. This time there is actor Migdad Addausy who plays the man who is synonymous with chewing gum. Unfortunately this film is also baseball too successful. Even though he tried to adapt to the times, the film still failed to convince the audience.

7. Potato House

Another horror film that really shouldn’t be watched-remake. Film Potato House was broadcast in 2012. At that time the audience’s response was quite good, because it was a horror film with a theme urban legend was popular at that time. So, Potato House enough to be a public discussion. Well, in 2019 this film is being made again!

Unfortunately, this film failed to follow suit trend current horror films. The tense atmosphere is not too built up and produces a horror film that is easily forgotten. When someone is asked about the film Potato Housemost will certainly remember Potato House 2012 version and forget Potato House in 2019.


Well, apart from 7 films remakes above, according to you film remakes What else in Indonesia should not be made?






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