7 Benefits of the Latest 2023 Indihome Loyalty Program for Customers

The Indihome loyalty program is a benefit given to customers because of their loyalty. Some of the benefits offered are usually in the form of shopping vouchers or discounts for various needs.

Customers who are eligible to receive the loyalty program can collect points now. Later, a number of points that have been collected can be exchanged for prizes. Apart from points, Indihome also often provides promotions for its customers

The Most Profitable Indihome Loyalty Program

For those of you who subscribe to the Indihome internet network, you must be familiar with profitable programs and promos. These benefits are often given to customers every month or when there are certain celebrations.

1. Television Channel Minipack

One of the special loyalty programs provided by Indihome is a television channel for watching with family. Customers don’t even need to pay extra to get a number of channels.

Usually this benefit is only given to customers who pay their bills before the deadline. You can check the availability of minipack channel benefits on the official Indihome website or social media.

2. Increase Internet Speed

Having a fast internet network is the dream of many people. Especially now that the internet has become a major necessity for work and school. Therefore, Indihome has taken the initiative to increase internet speed for several lucky customers.

The average additional speed provided is 50Mbps with the best quality. With these advantages, it is hoped that customers can upload and send data more quickly. But to get it there are terms and conditions that apply.

3. Disney+ Hotstar subscription

Getting a Disney+ Hotstar subscription is the Indihome loyalty program that is most preferred by many customers. This prize allows customers to watch various exciting shows, both films and series.

The subscription process will be automatically connected after you make payment. To ensure this, simply download the Dosney + Hotstar application on your smartphone or laptop, then watch interesting shows.

4. Giving Vouchers on Holidays

Every holiday, Indihome always gives vouchers and other benefits. For example, during the last Chinese New Year holiday, customers were entitled to bill discounts, discounts on TV channel subscriptions, and cashback on LinkAja balances.

Providing vouchers and discounts also applies to other holidays. All information will be updated via social media or for the lucky ones they will be contacted directly by Indihome. But this prize is only valid for a few days.

5. UseeTV GO

Getting a UseeTV GO subscription is included in the most favorite Indihome loyalty program. Because on this platform, you can watch various local and international TV shows. Generally, this advantage is given to customers who have subscribed for a long time.

To get it, you can follow a subscription package with an internet network. But there are also some lucky subscribers who get prizes without having to subscribe to UseeTV GO separately.

6. Online Shopping Vouchers

Currently online shopping has become a habit because it is considered easier. So many people choose to shop through the marketplace rather than coming directly to the store. Therefore, Indihome provides prizes in the form of shopping vouchers for its loyal customers.

These vouchers can be used to reduce shopping costs or get free shipping. For customers who are lucky to get a voucher, they will be asked to make an exchange while availability lasts.

This voucher is provided by Indihome which has collaborated with certain marketplaces. For example, BukaLapak and BliBli sell various daily necessities and your hobbies. Customers can get vouchers by exchanging them for a number of points.

7. Discounts with Points

Collecting points from subscribing to Indihome is the most profitable thing. With a number of points that have been collected, you are entitled to get discounts on various products or goods.

Points exchange will be converted into discounts that can be used for shopping. So customers don’t need to pay in full for the goods they want to buy. There are also discounts that can be used to pay off part of your internet bill.

Through the Indihome loyalty program, providers are trying to increase customer loyalty. This program will benefit customers because you get lots of gifts and discounts for shopping. Especially if the customer diligently pays the bill before the time limit expires.

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