6 Ways to Overcome Subscene Error (100% Success in Access)

Game News – How to deal with the subscene error site that cannot be visited? Some time ago I tried to access the site to look for Indonesian subtitles from the film I downloaded, but it turned out that the site could not be accessed, I thought the subscene was undergoing repairs at that time.

However, after a few more days I tried and it still couldn’t work, and I looked for information and it turned out that subscene was not an error but could not be accessed from Indonesia. Just like the external forum site, namely Reddit, it turns out that the subscene is also blocked by Kominfo, but this information is still confusing because Kominfo itself has not provided information regarding this matter.

You need to know first, subscene is a site for downloading movie subtitle files in various languages ​​which is the most popular in the world. It’s not surprising that at first I thought that this site was experiencing disruptions which might have been caused by an increase in visitors during the pandemic in the past few months.

How to Overcome the Unable to Access Subscene Error

But you don’t need to worry, because every problem has a solution. To overcome the subscene site where the error cannot be accessed, just do the following:

1. Use Opera Browser VPN

If it is true that the subscene is blocked by Kominfo, it means that we can still access it with the help of a VPN. What are VPNs? Is a connection service that will give you access to websites safely and privately by changing the connection path through the server and hiding data.

VPN can be used on any device from smartphones, tablets to PCs. If you are using an Android phone, you can see how to set the default VPN on Android, which we have published on this blog.

If you are a laptop or PC user, there is a free browser that is equipped with a VPN, namely Opera Browser. You can visit the official opera site to download the browser, please select according to the platform you are using.

How to solve subscene error with opera:

  1. First download the opera browser first.
  2. Press the settings menu in the upper right corner, then select VPN.
  3. In the enable VPN menu, make sure it is ON.

Now try accessing it https://subscene.com from the opera browser, of course it can be accessed. You can also choose a VPN from a certain country by pressing the icon on the left of the web address.

2. Use Webproxy

Webproxy is a service that functions the same as a VPN, only that this service is website-based where everyone can access it. The way it works is the same as VPN, you just enter the address you want to visit, and your IP will not be detected as the IP from your country, but will be detected according to the IP on the webproxy.

There are many free webproxy service providers on the internet, you only need to type “free webproxy” in the search, lots of sites providing free webproxy services will appear.

3. Clear Browser Cache

The browser will save a file called cache, which will be useful when we access a site again so that it feels faster than when we first visited it. This is called a cache, and in some cases it can be a problem.

For example, if we access a subscene when it has an error, it will be recorded by the cache. And we access it again (even though there is no error) so the browser will still display that the site has an error (because it is stored in cache).

If you are a Chrome browser user, to clear cache simply by pressing a button on the keyboard CTRL+SHIFT+DELETEthen a confirmation will appear to delete it.

4. Use Incognito Mode

Incognito mode or incognito mode is a situation where we can browse the internet without fear that our history will be recorded in the browser. It also won’t store cache files, so with this mode you can visit various sites without fear of our traces being discovered.

5. Change Browser

If you use one browser but the results are still the same, it would be nice if you try using another browser. There are many browsers that we can use, among the most popular are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera Browser, Microsoft Edge, TOR Browser, Safari, UC Browser and many more.

6. Subscene Alternative

If the subscene site still cannot be accessed, please use the following alternative subscene sites:

  • opensubtitles.org/id
  • isubtitles.info
  • lilsubs.com
  • sub.imvsdata.com
  • fardasub.pw
  • isubsecene.xyz
  • subscene. icu
  • subtak.ir
  • subdl.com
  • podnapisi.net
  • subtitles.hr
  • subtitlesdl.net
  • islandsubs.com

That’s a list of alternative sites besides Subscene, actually there are lots of them on the internet, only the one that is popular among us is Subscene.






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