6 Most Popular Tours in Bandung Near Stations

Bandung, known as the Flower City, has attractive tourist attractions. For travelers who come with limited time, explore the destination bandung tours near the station is a smart choice.

Its strategic location in the middle of the city allows visitors to feel the charm of the Flower City without spending too much time and energy to get around.

Bandung Tourist Recommendations Near the Station

The following is a list of Bandung tourist attractions near the station recommended for you to visit.

1. Bandung City Square

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Bandung City Square is the main choice for those who want to enjoy freshness and tranquility amidst the bustle of the city. With a distance of about 1.2 kilometers from Bandung Station, you can even reach it on foot.

The stretch of green and comfortable grass in this square makes it an ideal place to rest for a while.

Not only that, Bandung tours near this station are also suitable for relaxing with family or friends, taking pictures together, or even contemplating in the sun.

When prayer time has arrived, you can continue your spiritual journey to the Bandung Grand Mosque which is in the same location.

Not far from the main square, Jalan Dalem Kaum offers a hawker center and souvenir shop that will pamper your taste buds and shopping appetite. Enjoy the calm atmosphere, while visiting various shops that present typical Bandung characteristics.

2. KAA Museum

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The Asian-African Conference Museum (KAA) invites you to dive into the historical traces of history. Located about 1.4 kilometers from Bandung Station, this museum stores various information and artifacts related to the Asian-African Conference held in Bandung in 1955.

Through exhibition halls, dioramas, libraries and research facilities, visitors can explore important moments in the journey of Asian and African nations towards independence and cooperation.

Not only presenting information, this Bandung tourist destination near the station also invites visitors to experience the atmosphere of the past through a nicely presented collection of photographs, drawings and documents.

3. Braga Street

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Braga Street is a place where history and modern lifestyle meet. Located within walking distance from Bandung City Square, Jalan Braga has an unrivaled charm.

With a well-preserved Dutch architectural building, this is the perfect place to take pictures against an enchanting backdrop.

Not only that, Jalan Braga also offers a variety of interesting activities, including tasting delicious traditional culinary delights and enjoying a cup of hot coffee in classic cafes. Apart from that, around Jalan Braga there is the Braga City Walk shopping center which adds to the excitement of your shopping experience.

4. Centrum Million Balls

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For those looking for fun and entertainment, Centrum Million Balls is the perfect place. With a distance of around 1.9 kilometers from Bandung City Station, this place offers a unique and exciting ball bathing experience. Ball pools for children and adults will immerse you in an atmosphere full of excitement.

Apart from taking a ball bath, you can also explore 20 Instagramable spots scattered in this area. From the charming yellow bubble shower to the adorable ice cream bar, every corner offers the perfect backdrop for creative selfies.

Around this area, there are also many SPA and massage services on call in Bandung that you can visit if you want to relax your body after recreation.

5. Ade Irma Suryani Nasution Traffic Park

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For families who want to spend quality time while studying, the Ade Irma Suryani Nasution Traffic Park is a Bandung tour near the station that you shouldn’t miss.

With an area of ​​around 3 hectares, this park is located around 1.5 kilometers from Bandung Station. Here, visitors can enjoy various activities, from playing on the playground to enjoying swimming pool recreation.

One of the main attractions of this park is the interesting and informative miniature city of Bandung. The Traffic Park also provides an opportunity for visitors to better understand traffic rules, making it an educational and fun destination.

6. Sate Building

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Gedung Sate is one of the icons of Bandung City that should not be missed. Built in the 1920s, this building has significant historical value. If you like taking photos, then Gedung Sate is the perfect place to find interesting corners.

The Gedung Sate Museum, which is located inside the building, presents a collection of art and history related to the city of Bandung.

Apart from that, around Gedung Sate, you will also find various interesting tourist attractions and shopping centers that offer various types of typical Bandung souvenirs.

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Visiting the city of Bandung has never been easier. Bandung tourism near the station gives you the opportunity to explore the charm of the city practically. Starting from Bandung City Square to Gedung Sate, various interesting destinations can be found easily.

In a short time, you can experience the diversity of culture, history and entertainment offered by the Flower City. So, when you visit Bandung with limited time, don’t hesitate to take advantage of this tourist destination near Bandung Station.






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