6 Heroes and Counter Items for Lesley Mobile Legends

The start of Season 29 was a good start for Lesley players, that’s why marksman heroes this becomes hero which has been quite contested since the change to the emblem system some time ago.

Lesley’s popularity immediately rose rapidly because now she could use a lot of them talents that can maximize damage outputits inside matches.

This can be proven by its prevalence user Lesley, be it in fashion ranked matches or tournament. It cannot be denied that power The current Lesley is very strong, it’s natural for Lesley to come in top tier hero marksman at the start of this season.

Apart from changes to the emblem, high mobility and burst damage yLesley’s possessions are also one of the main factors why heroes this is always contested in matches.

Just imagine, when the item is ready, Lesley can even subvert it heroes even thicker several times hits just. Plus, with its camouflage mode, it makes Lesley very difficult to catch, she has a long range of attacks, is agile, hard to catch too, what’s wrong with trying Lesley in META now.

Therefore, in this post I will share some
Lesley’s hero and item counters so that you can overcome various attacks from Lesley more easily. Without further ado, let’s get straight into the discussion:


1. Natalia

It is undeniable that Natalia indeed be the only one hero assassin which is very easy to kill the
marksmen in an instant. Check out Natalia’s counter

Armed with effects invisible At her disposal, Natalia was able to approach and immediately ambush Lesley quickly without being detected at all.

Burst damage Natalia’s height also really supports her in doing so hit and run like one hero assassin in general.

Moreover, it is now very possible for Natalia at META to become one junglerwhich makes it even more flexible to use counters for marksman heroes like Lesley.

However, you also need to remember that Lesley is equipped with
ultimate skill “Ultimate Snipe” which can reveal Natalia’s position when she is in the grass. Therefore, it is important for Natalia to search timings the right time to ambush Lesley so that things don’t turn around.

2. Nana

Nana is hero mage which you can use to easily finish off Lesley while she’s inside teamfights. It is supported with Nana’s ultimate skill “Molina Blitz” which has an elongated area so that the skill can give
instant damage to Lesley who was often in the back row.

Not only that, Nana is also equipped with
skill 2 “Molina Smooches” which is very annoying, because the skill can change heroes the enemy becomes Molina, so they can’t escape easily. Once hit by combo skill 2 + ultimate Nana, marksman heroes like Lesley, it is certain that he will immediately fall limp.

3. Beatrice

Although marksman hero this has been repeatedly hit
nerf in some patches lastly, Beatrix is ​​still being
marksman hero sufficient over power for use in META now. Listen counters Beatrix

Even to be counters Lesley, Beatrix’s ability is still very superior, because she can do it clear lane quickly.
Burst damage Beatrix’s Shotgun was also not used
nerf so significant, so powerits still too big to defend its title as “gold lane thugs”.

4. Yve

Lesley is marksman heroes with range very broad attack. Therefore, it is needed heroes – heroes with
range broad skills as well as Yve in order to reach Lesley’s position while inside teamfights.

Yve’s ultimate skill “Real World Manipulation” which has a very wide area that can be used very easily to repay Lesley’s HP from a very long distance. Plus, with the magnitude of the effect slow which he had made it very difficult for Lesley to escape from
ultimate Yve.

Yve is indeed very underdog to be in
team fight long-term. So, for those of you who like to play
team fight mulu, then Yve is a good recommendation for you to make it as counters Lesley.

5. Kufra

Kufra is a figure tank the most likely to be
counters for Lesley, because tank hero this one can initiate attacks from a very long distance that is impossible to predict ultimate skills Little Lesley.

Depend on skill 1 “Tyrant’s Revenge” his, Kufra can immediately break Lesley’s movements in just one combo without being detected at all. There is an effect airborne from skill 1 Kufra is also a good additional effect to prevent Lesley from escaping.

If the combo of skill 1 Kufra is still not enough, you can still add it by using ultimate skill “Tyrant’s Rage” that gives effect stun instantly. Once hit by the combo from Kufra, Lesley’s life will definitely not be saved.

You know, you can also use other tanks like Atlas, Tigreal, Chou which also have crowd control effects, why does it have to be Kufra?

It is true that there are many heroes CC tanks in
Mobile LegendsBut tank hero the one who can attack without being detected is this Kufra. not like tank hero else, Kufra can do charge attack from a long distance, so that when initiating, heroes it will not be detected with
ultimate Lesley.

That is the main factor why Kufra is so favored to become
counter tank hero

6. Brody

Lesley’s wide attack distance is one of her advantages in the area gold lane. To deal with it, you have to use hero who both rarely have extensive attacks, Brody is one of the answers.

Distance basic attacks Broad Brody, supported also with burstdamageits a pain to make heroes this could be a strong opponent for Lesley. Just a few times hits Of course, Lesley could have fallen straight into Brody’s hands.

Brody’s durability cannot be underestimated either. For size marksmenBrody is equipped with very high durability, many even think that Brody’s durability is almost as thick as the fighter heroes.

Not only that, Brody is also equipped with effects stun which he can use to escape when hit by an enemy attack. These various advantages can be a mainstay weapon for Brody to face Lesley in the area gold lane.


1. Guardian Helmet

Lesley’s passive skill now has an effect true damage Very large. Therefore, you need blood-boosting items such as
Guardian Helmet this is to hold back truedamage that, cause effect truedamage will ignore each item armor that you use.

How big do you want? armor what you have, truedamage will ignore it, so damageits will still be logged in full to
hero you guys. So, the only way to deal with it is to use blood-boosting items, such as Guardian Helmet This is to increase the HP percentage heroes so that truedamage that goes in will not immediately create heroes you guys are dying.

Items Guardian Helmet I highly recommend that you use this tank hero And fighter so that they become thicker at the front line to hold the bulk truedamage belongs to Lesley’s passive skill.

2. Immortality

Immortality is the second alternative item that you can use as counters for Lesley, because this item can make
hero you are thicker while minimizing the presence
blunders when it has entered the phase late game.

Immortality This is very good to use to ensure durability
hero you while doing it team fight long term, With
Immortality This, heroes you can’t automaticallytake down
easily by Lesley, so teamfights what you do is not easily broken.

Oh yes, it’s important for you to remember not to even use items
Wind of Nature when facing Lesley at META now, because
true damage Lesley’s passive skill cannot be blocked with items
Wind of Nature that just delivers immune to
Physical Damage.

Better to use it Guardian Helmet Just do it instead of WoN, because it won’t have any effect immuneif it’s already hit true damage.


That’s the discussion from me this time related
Lesley Mobile Legends hero and item counter. Please remember that the entire contents of this post are my personal opinion as a player Mobile Legends game. Therefore, if you have any additions, please just write them in the comments column.

Thank You.


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