5 Weakest Mobile Legends Heroes in the Late Game

5 Weakest Mobile Legends Heroes in the Late Game.

Here are 5 heroes in the Mobile Legends game who actually become weak when they enter the late game phase. In fact, usually Mobile Legends heroes will have deadly damage during the late game because they have several items.

But not with the following 5 Mobile Legends heroes. In fact, the five Mobile Legends heroes become weak when they enter the late game.

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1. Hilda

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Starting from Hilda, who is known to be strong in the early game. It’s not surprising that Hilda often annoys enemy junglers because she already has pain damage from the start.

But entering the late game, Hilda’s damage became insignificant. This is because the enemy has bought defensive items so Hilda’s damage is no longer scary.

2. Harleys

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The same three money as Hilda, Harley is also only strong in the early game. It must be admitted that during the early game, Harley’s damage was terrible.

But Harley becomes just an ordinary hero when he enters the late game. Especially if you have purchased the Radiant Armor item.

3. Fanny

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Fanny is indeed a scary hero if played by the right player. But keep in mind that when you enter the late game, Fanny’s role is often invisible.

This is because the enemy marshals already have defensive items such as Wind of Nature. So usually Fanny is only tasked with playing macro minions in the late game.

4. Silvanna

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Silvanna is also in the weak hero category in the late game. Even so, Silvanna is still terrible in the early game.

In the late game, enemies are usually not afraid of Silvanna. Especially if the enemy has bought items like the Athena Shield.

5. Thamuz

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Finally, there is Thamuz who is actually very strong in carrying out the role as an offlaner. But in the late game, Thamuz is not very useful.

This was due to Thamuz’s damage weakening in the late game. Not only that, Thamuz’s lifesteal is also not heavy.

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