5 Ways to Play Ling Correctly in Mobile Legends

Ling is one of the Assassin type heroes in Mobile Legends with a high level of game difficulty. Ling’s way of playing is very different from other heroes. For those of you who are beginners, it is recommended to study first so you can master this hero.

Like other assassin heroes, Ling has high damage or destructive power. This hero has an advantage when meeting an opponent 1 vs 1. The agility of each skill he has combined with high damage means that this hero is often banned and feared by his opponents.

However, sometimes if he escapes from being banned in Rank, this hero is often the choice of pro players to be able to take action in a match. The ability to escape by climbing walls is an advantage if you are low on blood or energy.

This hero’s overpower makes it difficult for the enemy to target him, even if the enemy hero has a lock type, he will still be confused if Ling is on the wall.

Not only does he have a single target, but Ling also has skills in a wide area. He can attack many enemies using his ultimate skill.

Ling’s hero has many advantages, but most players complain about the difficulty of using this hero.

For this reason, we will provide tips on how to play the hero Ling correctly in Mobile Legends, pay attention and understand the steps:

5 Ways to Play Ling Correctly in Mobile Legends

Get to know and learn Ling’s skills

Firstly, if you want to master a hero who has automatic high damage, a good step to take is to first learn every skill you have.

For this reason, you need a Smurf account so you can train Ling’s hero character and as a way to master it.

Processing and also the combination of skills determines great damage, for that you have to really study and know how to do it.

Finch Poise’s first skill allows Ling to walk quickly on walls. Meanwhile, the second skill Defiant Sword attacks the opponent in a straight forward pattern and has a short cooldown.

Then the last skill or ultimate Tempest of Blade can give him high immunity and large burst damage attacks.

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Walk on Walls to Regenerate Energy Quickly

The use of the first skill, namely Finch Poise is one of the right ways to regenerate Ling energy. Apart from that, this first skill can also be used to ambush and escape enemy attacks.

Utilizing Ling’s first skill can save you from various situations and also make a profit. So you have to be able to read the situation so that the Ling hero you are using can be meaningful and add more value to your team.

Attack Heroes with Low Durability

Having large damage is Ling’s advantage when dealing with heroes who have low durability. Miya, Laila, Hanabi, Claude and other marksman heroes are easy targets for Ling.

Even though marksman heroes have high damage in the late game, they also have low durability, you can take advantage of this because they are very dangerous when the items are ready.

Being able to climb walls is an advantage for Ling to ambush marksman heroes so they can’t use his items. Even though he is protected by a typical tank hero, Ling is very agile when it comes to kidnapping.

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Use the Right Build and Items

Items and builds for heroes play a very important role in a match. Choosing the right item makes the hero have high damage and can be used as a mainstay for the team during war or ambush.

You can adjust the items or builds from the hero Ling to suit the enemy’s conditions, you can also see the items belonging to the pro players and can apply them to your hero Ling.

Focus on Farming to Make Items

Because Ling is an assassin hero who is actually the spearhead of a team, therefore you have to make the items quickly. In order for items to be produced quickly, you have to farm and farm.

When you have the perfect item, you can kill all your enemies.

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Those are some ways or tutorials for playing Ling correctly in Mobile Legends, you have to keep practicing to become a global top and help your team or yourself reach a high ranking.






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