5 Ways to Play Alpha Mobile Legends, Really Fast Lifesteal

Alpha is one of the hero characters in the Mobile Legends game, a fighter type but famous for having a very strong lifesteal. Can be the team’s mainstay in gang bangs, even against 5 enemy heroes at once, Alpha really benefits.

However, many Mobile Legends players are still confused when using this OP hero. Therefore, we will provide tips or how to play the Alpha Mobile Legends hero.

Historically, Alpha is one of the characters or heroes created from Laboratory 1718 after Saber disappeared. Equipped with terrifying abilities, Alpha is actually easy to use.

Apart from its heavy lifesteal, Alpha is also equipped with Crowd Control which can make its enemies unable to move for 1 second. Even though it’s only for a short time, it can cause the enemy to lose a lot of blood with Alpha’s high damage attacks.

The average type of fighter hero is sick at the start of the game, you have to maximize this so that enemy items don’t happen. The point is that your team must be able to play fast to win the match.

The use of passive skills as well as the main skills must be really precise, the slightest mistake will damage the system you have designed and could result in losing the match.

For this reason, we will tell you how to play Alpha in Mobile Legends and make the lifesteal fast.

5 Ways to Play Alpha Mobile Legends, Really Fast Lifesteal

Understand Every Alpha Hero Skill

Alpha has 4 skills in fighting starting from the passive skill Beta which gives two attacks, causing the enemy to experience a slowing effect of 90% for 0.2 seconds and gives 150 true damage.

The first skill, Rotary Impact, is a straight forward attack using the weapon, dealing 200 + 90% physical damage and also a 4% slow effect for one second.

Alpha’s second skill, called Force Wing, carries out a fan-shaped attack that provides 350 physical attacks, movement speed of 5% and restores 125 HP.

Alpha’s ultimate skill, Spear of Alpha, provides 245 physical attack damage and a stun effect on enemies for 1 second. Not only that, the resulting damage effect increases by 25 when combined with Alpha’s passive effect.

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Use a suitable build item

Hero Alpha has a high lifesteal, this of course must be accompanied by high damage too, so to complement it all you have to be able to choose items that are suitable for this hero.

We recommend this item for Alpha heroes, Warrior Boots, Bloodlust Axe, Oracle, Queen’s Wings, Rose Gold Meteor, and finally BOD or Blade of Despair items. The items mentioned above will give Alpha a high lifesteal and terrible damage.

Play in the Early Game

As mentioned earlier, the Alpha hero is sick in the early game, therefore you have to finish at the start of the match or end the match quickly. Even though it has high durability, it will still be inferior to enemy marksman.

But if you can control the situation, in the sense of being able to take care of enemy marksman type heroes, it will make it easier to win for your team. Farming continues to be done so that your level is higher than the others and will increase damage.

Tips During War

The advantage of Alpha is that they are typical fighter heroes, meaning they have to be on the front line, don’t be afraid to use their ultimate. With a low cooldown of around 10-15 seconds, he can spam skills.

Apart from that, you can take advantage of Alpha’s passive skills to give real damage to your enemies, especially those with low durability, such as marksman heroes.

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Use the Right Skill Combo

Using skill combos from Alpha is actually easy, it was explained at the beginning that Alpha has an ultimate skill that can reach enemies in a wide area.

So that combo skills can provide high damage, use the ultimate skill first when attacking, making sure it hits the enemy.

The next step is to use skill two, continue skill one then just basic attacks. Continue doing this until the enemy dies. By using the skill combo above, it is guaranteed that enemies with high durability will also lose.

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Those are some tips or ways to use Alpha in Mobile Legends, so that you get used to practicing continuously until you master everything, both skills and placement, so you can win matches.






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