5 Ways to Get Confused Mobile Legends (ML) Battle Emotes

Mobile Legends has released lots of new updates so you can try playing them yourself. Then there is also a way to get the Confused Mobile Legends (ML) Battle Emote, you will find it easy to get this. As a cool gift in Mobile Legends that you can try and find out all about it easily now.

There are lots of the latest updates in the Mobile Legends game that you can see, it turns out that there are a lot of variations for us to take advantage of. Together with the features that have appeared now, it gives us lots of new and cool things to help players.

You also have to understand the order of Rank Hero Mobile Legends, it turns out that we can use it very well. So that you will become familiar with all of this, so that we also find it easy to have a very good Hero Rank because of that now.

To get the Confused Mobile Legends (ML) Battle Emote is very easy, just follow the process from the Skin collection. So if you have, it will be easy for you to collect a variety of new prizes that have appeared in the game.

How to Get Confused Mobile Legends (ML) Battle Emote

  1. Login to Mobile Legends Game

    You have to log in to the Mobile Legends game first, so that it is easy to get the Battle Emote Confused prize. As an item that appears on a limited basis only when the event appears, of course you shouldn’t miss something like this.

  2. Then Select Draw Event Neobeasts

    Then the players can immediately select the Neobeasts Draw Event section first, so that later we can take part in the event from here first. Because you have to complete the mission from here first and then get the Battle Emote.

  3. Have 1 or 2 Skin Neobeasts

    In this event, there are 2 Neobeasts Mobile Legends Skins that have appeared, you must be able to get them first to open the Battle Emote Confused. 1 Draw 100 Dm and 10 Draw 1000 Dm with a chance to get it, but you can also exchange Tokens.

  4. Enter the Gallery and Receive Gifts

    If you have got the Neobeasts Skin, immediately select Gallery to receive this prize. Because with the 2 Skin mission conditions, we can get the Battle Emote Confused prize right now.

  5. Through Certain Events

    But you can also receive the Battle Emote without having to collect the skin, but it may appear at certain events. This gives us more opportunities to receive gifts like this right now.

This prize, which is a Confused Battle Emote, is suitable for those of you who feel confused, you can show it using Lylia’s expression. So you can immediately follow all the steps, so that later we can have the opportunity to have this prize right now.

What’s more, this is also a special edition of the Neobeasts Mobile Legends Event that you can take part in, for sure it will give you lots of good prizes. Let’s also collect lots of other cool gifts that you can try to use and give something nice.

Because with How to Get the Confused Mobile Legends (ML) Battle Emote, players will now understand this. So that you also won’t be confused by this, so we can use it directly so correctly.

Then there is also the Best Free Fire Battle Emote, so we can just take advantage of it. There will be lots of good things that players can find, so you will soon find several things that have already appeared.






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