5 Ways to Easily Overcome ML Stuck on Loading Screen

Mobile Legends is a very fun game, but if you get stuck when entering the game it will definitely make you all annoyed. There are several steps to overcome all of this, for that we will tell you how to overcome ML stuck on the loading screen.

Before competing and entering the main menu, you must first go to the initial loading screen. It takes a few seconds to go through the initial loading screen process.

The speed of the initial loading screen depends on the speed of the internet connectivity you are using. The faster the internet connection, the faster the loading screen will be.

It is not uncommon for players to experience getting stuck when loading the initial screen of the Mobile Legends game, this makes it take you longer to enter the main menu. This is an event that sometimes makes you angry and annoyed.

Various things can cause a stuck loading screen in Mobile Legends, ranging from an unstable internet connection to damaged files.

For those of you who experience this and are confused about how to solve it, below we will provide tips on how to overcome Mobile Legends stuck when loading screen.

5 Ways to Easily Overcome ML Stuck on Loading Screen

Cleaning Cache

Cache is data storage that resides in hardware, software, or in the browser. The cache itself is used to speed up loading of systems, applications and websites.

This Cache application makes the storage system harder to run. Actually, the cache can be deleted, because if left it will disrupt the system and make it take a long time to process something.

If you follow the steps correctly and carefully, deleting cache data is very safe to do. So understand how and do every step.

For this reason, we provide tips for deleting unused cache so that storage is not full.

  • Go to menu “Settings” on your cellphone
  • Choose “Apps
  • Then continue selecting “Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
  • Select menu “Storage” then you delete the cache by clicking the menu “Clear Cache“.

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Changing Internet Connection

You must have experienced internet connection problems when playing the Mobile Legends game, the fluctuating ping (internet connection) makes the game not run normally and often stops.

It’s possible that when you enter the Mobile Legends game you get stuck on the loading screen. This must be resolved immediately so that the problem can be resolved and you can play the game smoothly.

If you have two sims or have a WiFi internet connection, you can use it if you experience Mobile Legends stuck on the loading screen.

Change it immediately to restore connectivity when playing the Mobile Legends game, but first you have to make sure every internet connection in the area is high or not.

Activate Airplane Mode

You can overcome Mobile Legends stuck on the loading screen by activating airplane mode. In airplane mode it can briefly disable the internet connection.

When activating airplane mode, don’t take too long because it could make you go AFK if you play Mobile Legends. After that, quickly deactivate Airplane mode again.

Internet connectivity will be refreshed after you deactivate airplane mode. This was done to make the internet connection even better than before.

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Removing Unused Applications

Applications on your cellphone make the memory more and more full, which makes cellphone performance slower. Not only that, if your application is too full, all games will take a very long time to load.

To overcome this problem, you have to delete several unused applications to save a little storage space. At least you have to free up around 1.5 GB of space for Mobile Legends.

Restart the Phone

Experiencing being stuck while loading is really annoying, so the best surefire way is to restart your cellphone.

The process of restarting your cellphone usually takes a long time, but by doing this your cellphone will feel lighter.

That’s the guide on how to overcome ml stuck on loading screen, hopefully it can help you and start playing soon!






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