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Tutorial | WhatsApp is indeed an application chat the easiest to use. But there are some users who don’t just use one WA. Than downloads Again, it’s best to use the WhatsApp duplicate method. That way you can run it on the same device.

Usually one type of application cannot be used simultaneously on the same cellphone. But by duplicating it, you can run two accounts on one cellphone. Apart from saving time, it also saves money budgetbecause there is no need to use another device.

There are various ways to duplicate the WhatsApp application. A number of smartphones The new release is equipped with a default application. But if there isn’t one, you can use an additional application. Just check the complete explanation below:

What is WhatsApp Duplicate?

First, do you understand what the activity of duplicating WhatsApp is? So, what this means is duplicating one application so that it can be used simultaneously on one device. That means you can create a WA account with a different number on the same cellphone.

This feature helps you not have to buy a new device. So if there are needs that cannot be combined, it is very appropriate to rely on these duplicate features. For example, you want to separate personal and work matters in the WhatsApp application.

Even if duplicated or cloned, you can still register a different number. That’s why it’s really effective to focus on business matters without neglecting personal communication needs. But there are three things you need to pay attention to if you want to duplicate WhatsApp, namely:

  • Make sure there is enough storage space. Duplicate or clone features are indeed economical budget. But it takes up more storage space, because there are two applications installed at the same time. Make sure that first storage It’s still safe to install one more WA application.
  • Read the application instructions. Sometimes there are some things in a cloned application that are not the same as the original. So, you can check the instructions first.
  • Use it wisely. You must use this feature wisely. Double WhatsApp if it is urgent and very necessary. For example, for work matters, not for bullying other people via anonymous numbers.

How to Duplicate WhatsApp

How to Duplicate WhatsApp

Now we will explain several ways to duplicate the WA application on your cellphone. You can use the built-in features that are already available from the factory. If not, there is an application cloning which is very easy to use. It’s best to see the following explanation:

1. Duplicate WhatsApp with the Clone Feature

The first and easiest way to duplicate WhatsApp is to use the built-in feature called clone. Specifically, this feature is provided so that you can duplicate applications on the same cellphone. This also includes WhatsApp which does not need to be reinstalled.

But only a few smartphones only those that support the clone feature. An example is the OPPO cellphone. Meanwhile on other cellphones it may be given a different name, such as on Xiaomi with its Dual Apps feature. Even so, the function and usability remains the same.

To activate the Clone feature, adjust to the settings of each cellphone. But in general, WA can be duplicated with the following steps:

  • Open menus Arrangement.
  • Next select menu Application.
  • You can tap the feature Application Multiplier.
  • After that, find and tap on the app WhatsApp.
  • The next step is to select Create an App Clone.
  • Now you can create a new account on the cloned WA.

2. Duplicate WhatsApp with Dual Messenger Feature

The second is also a way to duplicate WhatsApp with built-in features. But shown to user Samsung cellphone with the Dual Messenger feature. Its function is specifically to duplicate applications chat only, including WhatsApp.

Here you can use the same application on one Samsung cellphone. So it’s an effective solution to create an account without having to buy a new cellphone. To activate the Dual Messenger feature, you can check the following guide:

  • Open menus Settings for Samsung cellphones.
  • Navigate to the menu Advanced Features.
  • The next step is to choose Dual Messenger.
  • Duplicate the application by sliding the panel next to it WhatsApp.
  • Try checking whether shortcuts clone applications have appeared in homescreen or not yet.

3. Duplicate WhatsApp with the Parallel Space Application

Don’t worry if your cellphone doesn’t support the two features mentioned. You can still duplicate WA via the Parallel Space application. Free to use Android based application and easy to understand configuration page.

The advantage of Parallel Space is that it is light in size, only 15 MB. Besides that, this application supports an incognito installation system. This means that the duplicate application is only installed in Parallel Space.

That’s not the only advantage. But you also get a guarantee of privacy if you use Parallel Space. The reason is, cloned applications can be given a security key, so they are more secret. Just take a look at how to duplicate WhatsApp via Parallel Space below:

  • Downloads and install it first Parallel Space from Play Store.
  • Open the application and wait for the process scanning.
  • You will see a list of applications that can be cloned. Just choose WhatsApp.
  • Then tap features Add to Parallel Space. A duplicate WA has been successfully created.

4. Duplicate WhatsApp with Dr. Clones

Apart from what has been mentioned, you can also use an application called Dr. Clones. In general, the use is the same, namely creating multiple applications. How to use it is also easy as in the guide below:

  • Downloads application Dr. Clones.
  • Open the application once installed.
  • Tap icon plus on the start page of the application.
  • After that, select the application WhatsApp and press the check mark.
  • You will receive a notification to install additional applications, just select them Install.
  • When finished, hold down the new WA icon so that it appears homescreen.

5. Duplicate WhatsApp with Super Clone

The last way to duplicate WhatsApp is using Super Clone. This application made by Polestar AppCloner Dev is very popular. This is proven by the number of downloads on the Play Store reaching more than 10 million. Moreover, the size is only 8.4 MB.

Through Super Clone, you can duplicate up to five WhatsApps at once. This means you can create five different accounts on one cellphone. Original and cloned application data is also separated, so that privacy and security are maintained. Here’s how to duplicate it:

  • Open the app Super Clones that you have installed.
  • Press icon plus under.
  • Then search WhatsApp.
  • Choose Clone and wait.
  • Drag the WA application icon to home screen to make shortcuts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Duplicate WhatsApp

Duplicating WhatsApp is indeed a good solution if you need two accounts. This method also has advantages. Some of them are as follows:

  • You can create more than one WhatsApp account and use it simultaneously on the same device.
  • Separate business and personal communications.
  • Save time without switching devices.
  • Economical budget.
  • No need to install another WA application.

Even so, WhatsApp duplicate has its drawbacks. It’s possible that your cellphone’s performance is disrupted because it uses a lot of storage space. If it happens crashes or failed to install, important data in WA may also be lost. So, use it wisely.

That’s the explanation of how to duplicate WhatsApp. You can use the built-in features or additional applications. In this way, you can create multiple WA accounts on the same device.

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