5 Tips for Using Great Dragon Spear Mobile Legends Items

Apart from doing revamp massively to hero And
interfaces what’s inside gameslately
Moonton also provides a greater focus on change equipment what’s inside Mobile Legends game. The proof, in some
patches finally there are lots of buffs and nerfs that are on
equipment. In fact, last June Moonton presents a new item named Starlium Scythe in lieu of items
Shadow Twinblades And Calamity Reapers which has been deleted.

Changes to equipment received a fairly positive response, so Moonton back do it on
patch notes which was released this August. This time it’s the item’s turn
Scarlet Phantom deleted, its existence is replaced by a new named item Great Dragon Spear with attributes and passive ones fresh.

Great Dragon Spear has attributes
70 physical attack, 10 cooldown reduction, And
20% crit chance, which means this item will be suitable for you to use heroes who relies on critical damage.

Great Dragon Spear has a named passive effect
Supreme Warrior which will be active when hero you use
ultimate skills. The passive of this item will provide extra
15% movement speed for 7.5 seconds with cooldown 15 seconds.

Basically, Great Dragon Spear this being an item aimed at increasing mobility and upgrading crit damage. It’s suitable for use marksman hero And assassins as
damage dealers main in the team.

Well, before you try the item Great Dragon Spear, it’s a good idea for you to first look at some of the tips to maximize the potential of the item. Without further ado, let’s get straight to the discussion below:

5 Tips for Using Great Dragon Spear Items

1. Use on Hero with Ultimate Cooldown 20 – 30 seconds

Due to the passive effect of the item Great Dragon Spear own
cooldown 15 seconds, then my advice is to use this item
heroes – heroes with ultimate skill cooldown at 20-30 seconds only. Some examples herosuch as: Alpha, Roger, Irithel, and Aulus.

With ultimate cooldown which is almost the same as cooldown The item’s passive creates heroes above it’s easier to activate additions
mov. speed which are given, so you can maximize mobility while inside teamfights or moment

2. Combine with other Critical Items to Maximize the Damage

Great Dragon Spear This is equipped with attributes
critical chance which is quite high, so it would be a shame if you didn’t combine it with items critical other.

Try to buy items critical others too, fine
Haas Claw, Wind Talker, or Berseker Fury so that
heroes you have critical damage which hurts more.

3. Make the Best Use of the Passive

You need to know that the passive of the item Great Dragon Spear this will give extra mov. speed for 7.5 seconds after using
ultimate skills. So, to maximize its potential, you can take advantage of it mov. speed additions are provided to adjust the position or perform rotation.

Passive of items Great Dragon Spear this is also very good to use for split pushbecause you will have a greater opportunity to search turret who want to be dismantled by relying on additions
mov. speed which are given.

4. Pay attention to the Passive Cooldown

power main item Great Dragon Spear lies in its passive effect mov. speed for quite a long time.

Therefore, so that you can maximize the effect, try to activate passive Great Dragon Spear this is under the right conditions, for example when doing team fight or if you want to escape from the pursuit of the enemy.

The relatively easy activation requirements make this item easy for you to learn. Capital squeeze ultimate only and the passive of this item will turn on by itself.

5. Suitable for use in long-term team fights

Addition mov. speed from Great Dragon Spear very suitable for team fight long-term. Why? Because with additions mov. speed the hero you can adjust the position more easily.

This item also has an attribute cooldown reduction so you can spam skills. Although cooldown reductionIt’s just a little, but it has quite an effect if applied to it hero assassin which really depends on skill.


That’s 5 Tips for Using the Great Dragon Spear which you can try. What do you think? Is this new item able to compete with other items? Write your answers in the comments column.

Keep in mind that the entire content of the post purely comes from my personal opinion which is very subjective. Therefore, if any of you have anything to add, please just write it in the comments column.

Thank You.


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