5 Scary Forbidden Sites in the World

Tech News – There are many prohibited site which is spread in cyberspace, which still attracts the attention of many internet users.

Prohibited websites often present content that should not be for public consumption. Because often illegal sites present scary content.

Usually sites with content like this cannot be opened using conventional methods, aka they fall into the deep web category.

A number of sites on the deep web network are not supposed to be visited by the general public. Because apart from the scary content, these websites are usually visited by dangerous hackers.

5 Forbidden Sites in the World

The deep web is a closed internet network, which cannot be visited using conventional methods, such as through search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing.

Opening prohibited sites on the deep web network can only be done with a VPN and a special browser called Tor.

For those of you who are curious and want to know banned websites in the worldhere is the list.

1. Opentopia

If you have ever watched a spy film, where secret agents can spy on someone through surveillance cameras in various places. So you can find this on the Opentopia website.

The reason is, this site provides images or videos, taken from all CCTV in the world. This site is often used by unauthorized people to invade other people’s privacy.

2. Plane Crash Info

As the name suggests, this site provides recordings and transcripts of the seconds of a plane crash, which are usually recorded by a black box.

Inside content prohibited website This is certainly not for public consumption, because the information presented is sensitive and confidential.

According to information, this banned site provides recordings and transcripts of plane crashes since the 1960s. One of the most phenomenal plane crash recordings available on this site is the 9/11 plane crash in New York, United States.

3. Rent-a-Hitman

Just like his name, banned sites in the world This provides contract killer services. The services provided on this site are similar to those we often find in Hollywood films, you know.

The rates set for renting services on this site are adjusted to the wishes of service users.
To break a victim’s bones, service users must pay $50 USD or around Rp. 700 thousand.

Meanwhile, to take someone’s life, the price is much more expensive, reaching $20,000 USD or around Rp. 290 million.

Of course, this prohibited website shouldn’t be for public consumption, right! Because the content provided is quite scary and very eccentric.

4. Human Leather

From the name, everyone can definitely tell what this prohibited website offers.

Yes, this prohibited site provides products made from human skin. Such as leather shoes, leather wallets, there are even bags made from human skin. It’s really scary, isn’t it!

The prices of the products sold on this website are also fantastic. According to information, there are products being sold for prices reaching IDR 400 million.

5. Creepypasta

For those of you who like horror stories, this site can be a reference. Because Creepypasta presents very scary horror stories.

Every visitor to this prohibited site can write their own horror story and share it with site visitors. According to information, the number of visitors to this website is quite large, because there are 600 thousand visitors who come to this site every month.

One of the most famous horror stories on this banned website is Slenderman, namely a tall man with tentacles, who will kidnap children and kill them in the forest.

Unfortunately, the story about Slenderman inspired a 14 year old teenager to kill his classmate.

These are some of the prohibited sites in the world, which you should never visit.
Apart from the scary content provided there, usually many sites on the deep web network are infiltrated by hackers, who can steal the personal data of each visitor.

Apart from that, the way to open prohibited sites as above requires special applications and browsers, such as VPN and the Tor browser.

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