5 OP MLBB Heroes Who Can’t Relax Playing Them

Did you know that there are five hero op MLBB who can’t relax while playing it, who are the five of them?

Most of the heroes in Mobile Legends It can be played casually, while chatting, smoking, drinking coffee and other activities.

However, there are several heroes who have to focus when playing them, because the gameplay is really complicated.

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Here are five hero op MLBB who can’t relax while playing it, who are they?


Photo via Reddit

Don’t expect to be careless when using Benedetta, because her passive must be used continuously throughout the game.

And it’s quite complicated, you have to keep moving your right and left thumbs to play his passive and regulate his movements.

Yi Sun Shin

Photo via Tumblr by Kath Illustrates

His passive makes Yi Sun Shin have complicated gameplay, if you play without passive then your Yss will be easy to beat.

Because Yss relies heavily on his passive for attacking, defending, and even farming.


Photo via DeviantArt

All of Kimmy’s skills are manual, meaning they must be directed at skills 1, 2 and 3. Moreover, the user also has to move when attacking and that is quite difficult to do, you know.

Only a few people can play Kimmy who has this high mechanic.

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Photo via Pxfuel

There is no time for Fanny users to relax, because this assassin has to be agile and deadly.

The user must be able to play lots of Fanny cables, just one miss and the gameplay will fall apart.


Photo via DeviantArt

Lastly there is Wanwan, it wouldn’t be fun if you played Wanwan and just kept quiet. The reason is that this hero has to move when he attacks.

This is done so that his ultimate is easy to open, he can target the opponent’s weaknesses easily.

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