5 Heroes and Counter Items Chang’e Mobile Legends

Since revamp emblem officially present original serversLots hero old things are starting to pop back up Land of Dawnone of which is Chang’e.

Hero mage which had long been forgotten, was suddenly widely used by people Mobile Legends players blessing damageIt’s pretty deadly now.

high ground from Chang’e is no less deadly. Armed with
ultimate skillsonly, he can give burstdamage which is large for its enemies in a wide area. Also supported by its high mobility, Chang’e can rotate more quickly compared to hero mage other.

A number of patches ago Moonton also gave
buff to heroes This. So it’s natural that Chang’e is now starting to get more attention, because powerit has indeed been upgraded before by Moonton.

Even though it’s quite troublesome to fight, don’t worry because you can still deal with Chang’e with a few heroes and the following items.


1. Lolita

Lolita is the only one heroes in
Mobile Legends game which is counters natural for Chang’e. This is because Lolita can dampen all damage from
ultimate Chang’e uses the shield from her 2nd skill.

Skill 2 Lolita has an effect immune against projectile attacks, and as you know, Chang’e’s attacks are entirely projectiles. That means, when Lolita is using skill 2,
damage from Chang’e completely will not enter Lolita’s body.

With this skill, Lolita can also protect her teammates from
damage Chang’e’s projectile, you’ll definitely get dizzy using Chang’e if the enemy has Lolita.

It is said that soon Lolita will also get it revamp. So it will be even more interesting to see the various changes in Lolita’s skills in the future.

2. Ling

Ling is indeed the right choice to overcome
hero mage like Chang’e. Relying on his high mobility as a person assassinLing can take down Chang’e quickly when inside teamfights.

Ling’s very agile movements also automatically made it difficult for Chang’e to counterattack. The only thing that can be done is surrender if it has been hit
lock with Ling.

But, you need to remember that Ling is hero assassin with high mechanics. So, you need more practice time to be able to maximize each damage from Ling, so you don’t read it to your teammates.

3. Brody

For you marksman player, you can use Brody to overcome it power from Chang’e. Armed with effects stun which is strong from his 2nd skill, Brody can immediately stop Chang’e’s movements easily.

As marksman hero, Brody is equipped with burst damage high, allowing him to overthrow Chang’e in just a few times
hits just.

His wide attack range also makes it very difficult for Chang’e to escape from Brody’s attack.

4. Valentina

If you’re annoyed ultimate Chang’e, all you have to do is attack back
ultimate Chang’e itself. There isn’t any hero others in
Mobile Legends who could do that besides Valentina.

Besides being able to steal ultimate enemy, Valentina is also equipped with many skills blink which makes it very hard to catch. Don’t forget about effects too terrifiers from Valentina’s very troublesome passivity.

With the various advantages it has, it’s only natural that Valentina is often contested at match tier high, if at epic the kek is still safe – just safe.

5. Lancelot

As with Ling, Lancelot can also become counters for Chang’e thanks to the high mobility he has.

Besides that, heroes This is also equipped with effects immune what makes heroes the enemy is very difficult to subvert it. Affairs
damage There’s no need to ask anymore, okay?
assassins Lancelot already have burst damage who is sick from his son.

Already lively, have immunity, damageit hurts, what’s wrong with this Lancelot.


1. Radiant Armor

Due damage of Chang’e completely form DPS damagethen it is mandatory for you to buy Radiant Armor as items

Radiant Armor This is equipped with a 5 – 8 reduction effect
magic damage which can be stacked up to 6 times. So, more and more
heroes you hit damagethe higher the reduction gain will also be magic damage what you will get.

Radiant Armor very suitable for use tank hero And
fighters so they can last longer when they are in the middle teamfights.

2. Winter Truncheon

To avoid damage from ultimate Chang’e, you can use items Winter Truncheons.

This item is equipped with an effect immune for 2.5 seconds to render
heroes you survived the various attacks carried out by
hero enemy. The item effect in the form of an active skill is also a positive point for you, because you are the one who decides for yourself when to use the effect Winter Truncheons This.

Winter Truncheon very good to use core heroes so they can survive surprise attacks what the enemy is doing, mayan let him do it out play.


That’s the discussion about 5 heroes and counter items for Chang’e Mobile Legends.

Keep in mind that the content of this post is entirely from my personal opinion which is very subjective. Therefore, if any of you want to provide additional or input, please just write it in the comments column.

Thank You.


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