5 Best PUBG Damage Bolt Action Rifle Weapons

PUBG Bolt Action Rifle Weapon – Apart from skills, playing the PUBG game also requires the right weapon support so that later when playing you can get the most out of it. In the PUBG game itself, there are many weapons that players can use.

For example, players can use the deadliest weapons in PUBG, the sickest weapons in PUBG, the best PUBG Mobile attachments and many other weapons that can be used according to the needs of each player.

Talking about weapons in the PUBG game, in this discussion we will provide information regarding the PUBG bolt action rifle weapon. Maybe for some of the PUBG players there are still many who don’t know what these types of weapons are.

By visiting and opening this game article, you are at the right choice. Why is that? Because as explained a little above, we will provide information on several PUBG bolt action rifles, so keep reading the following discussion!

What is a PUBG Bolt Action Rifle Weapon

But before proceeding to the discussion regarding the list or types of bolt action rifle weapons. It would be nice for you to know in advance what a bolt action rifle actually is in the PUBG Mobile game.

So, the bolt action rifle in the PUBG game is a high-precision rifle that is used in long-range attacks. This weapon has a very long range (more than 600-800 m) and deals very high damage if it hits the target.

All types of bolt action rifles are suitable for covert attacks and must be used with precision. Usually bolt action rifles are used for long-range attacks where it is not possible to spray down with AR weapons.

PUBG Bolt Action Rifle Weapon

If you can’t wait to find out what bolt action rifles are, here we will provide a list of them. So, for more details, please read and see the list of PUBG bolt actoin rifle weapons below.

1. Kar98K

The first weapon is the Kar98K which is the classic sniper most commonly found in games, but rarely found. The use of this weapon will use 7.62 mm ammunition and is capable of killing targets with level 2 helmets in one shot to the head.

Damage 74
Rangers 90
Attachments 3
Magazine 5

2. M24

Slightly similar to the Kar98K, the M24 also uses 7.62 mm bullets and can also kill enemies/targets with level 2 helmets in one head shot. The advantage of the previous weapon is that the M24 has slightly higher target damage than the Kar98K.

damage 79
Rangers 90
Attachments 4
Magazine 5 – 7

3. AWM

The next bolt action rifle weapon is AWM using 300 Magnum ammunition. AWM is the most powerful type of bolt action rifle in PUBG Mobile because it has the highest damage and the longest range among all other sniper rifles and AWM is able to penetrate the defense of level 3 helmets.

Damage 105
Rangers 100
Attachments 4
Magazine 5 – 7

4. Mosin Nagant

The next bolt action rifle weapon is the Mosin Nagant which is a sniper bolt action rifle type weapon which is new to the PUBGMobile game. The Mosin Nagant has almost similar damage to the Kar98K weapon. In a similar way, PUBG claims that the Mosin Nagant has slightly more damage than the Kar98K even though the Mosin Nagant also uses 7.62 mm bullets.

Damage 79
Rangers 100
Attachments 4
Magazine 5

5. Win94

Lastly there is Win94 which is a medium range sniper and does a lot of damage. This weapon uses 0.45 ACP ammunition and this weapon comes with a 2.7x scope that cannot be removed so players cannot customize the scope.

damage 66
Rangers 60
Attachments 1
Magazine 8


Those are some of the PUBG bolt action rifles that gameitu.com can provide. if you are looking for and want to use a bolt action rifle then you can use one of the weapons we mentioned. It is hoped that the information on weapons above will be useful for all of you who need it.






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