5 Best Compass Applications for Android Phones.

Recommendations for the best compass applications for Android cellphones- Maybe you often go on adventures or just travel long distances to unwind or indeed you have a hobby of climbing mountains or going on adventures to new places every weekend, of course the function of a compass or direction is very important for your adventure activities. Even though GPS technology has now developed as a global and digital direction and location indicator, often when we are in a place where there is no signal, the GPS doesn’t work, and the solution is of course to use the compass application feature which doesn’t require an internet connection.

The compass feature on smartphones is rarely used because GPS and digital maps technology has increasingly developed, but using the compass feature is of course very useful when you are lost and there is no adequate signal. Because with a compass you can find out various directions and then follow them as a guide to your destination.

For this post, the Detikgadget team has summarized several offline kompass applications which of course you can install for pointing directions. All applications reviewed below are free and can be downloaded on Google Playstore. OK, look at the advantages and review of the application below:

  1. COMPASS 360 Pro

This application made by an external developer, namely David Januzai, is quite popular and good because it has quite a lot of positive reviews from its users. This 360 compass application is very useful and accurate in showing wind direction. Just like a conventional compass, by using this application of course you can use it as a direction guide when lost and of course without needing an internet connection to use it, you can download it via Google Playstore for free.


  • Very simple, like using a real compass
  • The display is easy to read and looks elegant
  • Without having to use the internet
  • It is very appropriate to show the north direction as a benchmark
  • Has several multi-language settings
  • It’s free.
  1. LED Compass application

There is another selected application that you can use to show direction, namely LED Compass, made by developer ABC Apps, which presents an application that is quite accurate in showing cardinal directions. This LED Compass application could be an option when you use it to travel long distances such as climbing mountains, camping or just hiking. And there is a calibration feature on the LED compass which aims to provide notifications via the notification bar on your Android smartphone. Apart from that, this application is claimed to save battery so you don’t need to worry about running out of battery when used on long trips. You can get it for free on Google Playstore

Features found on the LED Compass

  • Calibration notification.
  • Synchronized with Google Maps
  • A good display is a measure of the strength of the magnet
  • Can display horizontally
  • Doesn’t waste battery.
  • It’s free.
  1. 3D Compass application

This application is also worth considering if you have a hobby that is quite challenging, such as exploring new places or going on adventures. 3D Compass is an application made by the gamijo vendor and is quite simple and there are two versions of this application, namely the paid version and the free version. And of course, if you upgrade to the pro (paid) version, there will definitely be lots of additional advanced features. Download this application on Google Playstore now.

  1. Compass

This application is also made specifically for those of you who like to go on adventures and travel to foreign places. This application, which, as the name suggests, is Kompas, created by the developer Melon, can be an option for you because apart from being light, this application can also be connected to Google Maps so you can see where you are. the position you are in. Apart from that, this application does not waste battery. For those of you who are interested, please download it on Google Playstore for free.

  1. Smart Compass

The next application is Smart Compass, made by vendor Smart Tools.co. This application is quite attractive in terms of appearance and is also quite light, you can change the appearance to landscape or portrait according to your wishes. Several other advanced features are also found in this application, namely being able to connect to GPS, magnetic sensors, cameras that can be used as view finders, etc. And if you upgrade to the paid version, the appearance will be more complete and will not be disturbed by advertising running around and can also be used offline.

Features in the Pro version of Smart Compass

  • Connected to GPS by sending information via SMS
  • Can detect Metal
  • Can show the Qibla direction
  • Accelerometer
  • No Ads and can be offline

So, above we have summarized several selected applications for you to use as your adventure partner. By installing one of them, it is guaranteed that your adventure experience will be even more exciting and enjoyable.

Hopefully, with this post about a collection of Android (offline) compass applications, you can use it as a reference to choose which one is suitable to install on your Android cellphone. Hopefully it’s useful, good luck and thank you.






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